FLETA : The best of the week in the middle of a bear market with up 58.91% profit

FLETA : The best of the week in the middle of a bear market with up 58.91% profit

Although Bitcoin and the major crypto currencies are in negative territory today, with losses between two and three percentage points, the opportunity to buy and invest in many of the altcoins present in the market should not be missed.

Moreover, those crypto coins or tokens that are presenting blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions domiciled in Southeast Asia deserve a little more attention for all the signals that China has been sending since then towards the adoption of the technology, something that should not take long to happen in the US.

By means of the scalability demonstrated in real cases, these crypto currencies can be great promises in the immediate future, taking into account that Ethereum, the most important altcoin in terms of stock market capitalization, is looking to emigrate towards a new consensus mechanism focused on sharding as a technological solution to its scalability problem.

Those tokens or crypto currencies that are compatible with your platform, will undoubtedly be those that have a greater probability of success than the rest.

In view of the above, let's take a quick look at the crypto market from the inside to see one of the big winners of the day, based on their application of blockchain technology in real uses.


The South Korean platform is undoubtedly taking the honors today, after being announced the launch of its mainnet for this Monday November 11, as announced in its official account on Twitter.

The token has managed to take off with force motivated among other things to a series of important news around its chain of blocks, as well as the announcement by Bittrex to incorporate the token within their pairs of offers for this coming November 19, 2019.

At the time of writing, the token is quoted at a spot price of USD 0.013289, a daily profit of +7.85%, with an accumulated monthly profit of +40.38% in the last thirty days, which has managed to position the token within the top 500 of the general ranking of crypto currencies, with a price much higher than other consolidated platforms of similar technology.


During the day the price took off from the lower band of USD 0.012323 to a maximum of USD 0.013545 a few hours after being enabled deposits in Bittrex half-day, prior to its incorporation of the token in the exchange for this weekend.


Now the price has stabilized in the USD 0.0145-0.0150 band, generating a profit accumulated in the last seven days of up to 58.91 percent.


The FLETA platform has among its benefits, to have achieved under real use environment the highest transaction speed per second that any Blockchain platform can currently boast, with an astonishing 14,000 TPS.

In addition to its underlying technology, the Korean company has been participating in the implementation of its decentralized medical trial registration platform with the Seoul government because of its high scalability.


Its innovative consensus algorithm has allowed it to gradually position itself within the blockchain scene of Southeast Asia and promises to be one of the best tokens to consider in the medium term.




  • Consensus Algorithm: PoF
  • Scalability in terms of speed: real 14,000 TPS
  • Sharding: SI
  • BaaS: SI
  • Exchanges: DigiFinex, Bitsonic, GDAC and Bittrex tomorrow.



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