FLETA in October 2019 - Summary

FLETA in October 2019 - Summary

The Korean FLETA platform has done an extraordinary job since the launch of its main network in the blockchain sphere. FLETA, whose technology allows to achieve in practice the highest scalability so far demonstrated by any blockchain (15,000 TPS); It has allowed our own and strangers to know more about their benefits for the development of business solutions and on a personal level, from decentralized applications to data records to good performance, managing to avoid traditional common problems on alternative platforms.

Below is a summary of the remarkable facts that the FLETA team has done in general in recent days to improve its presence in the crypto scene.


FLETA had already been present at last year's event in Malta, but at the assistant level. However, the story changed dramatically in this new edition motivated by the great presence that Blockchain has had during the last year since the previous event. For this reason, FLETA was invited to join as a strategic partner to one of the most important meetings related to Blockchain technology worldwide in this 2019.

FLETA had a dedicated work team, at DELTA SUMMIT 2019 under the leadership of its FLETA Global Strategy Chief, James Song, making presence with its official stand where a summary of FLETA technology was easily exposed to the attending public with Your original SHARDY pet.


James Song participated in different internal events of DELTA SUMMIT 2019 to evangelize the public about FLETA technology and its use cases, which had a peak in the panel of speakers together with renowned industry personalities.


If you want to know more about the performance of the FLETA platform in the event, follow this link to learn more about the activities carried out during the three days that the company with the highest scalability in the blockchain sphere made a presence.

2 .- FLETA and Heart Number come together

Through a press release issued on October 9, 2019 and as part of the fruits of the efforts made at the Delta Summit 2019, FLETA signed a contract to develop a patented blockchain technology with Heart Number, a company AI based for price prediction and monitoring.


The agreement includes the construction of a blockchain under the algorithm implemented by FLETA, the Proof of Formulation (PoF) as well as the use of its FLETA Gateway technology to freely exchange low-cost native currencies of both companies.

In this way, the platform expands its circle of use cases by projecting the use of its technology to support, prediction algorithms under AI, in addition to the medical data record that is being used together with the South Korean government and that is expected to end this quarter for the presentation. of results.

3 .- New formulator policy

As part of the company's efforts to encourage the use of its platform and attract more public to its efficient mining system to ensure greater decentralization of its network, in mid-October 2019 FLETA announced a new formulator policy based on the discount on the maintenance fees of the Formulator server.


FLETA has within its mining system, three types of Formulators (miners) according to the staking capacity that each can perform, classified into alpha, sigma and omega. As is normal in any inclusive mining system such as the one developed by FLETA with its internal algorithm, PoF, the miners must pay the cost to maintain the server. On this occasion, FLETA reduced rates by an average of more than 60 percent for each of its Formulator programs.

Formulator Server Maintenance Fee (Monthly): Before → After

  • Alpha Formulator: USD 120 → USD 45
  • Sigma Formulator: USD 350 → USD 130
  • Omega Formulator: USD 500 → USD 170

Similarly, the payment methods were established based on the ability to pay for users through their FLETA Wallet from October 23, 2019 through their native token or Bitcoin, according to the CoinMarketCap price index.

The company has uploaded an instructional guide on its official blog in Medium for all those who wish to maintain their mining system or who wish to join the platform for the first time, which represents one of the best ROI within the staking system with more than 17 percent on average.

4. - FLETA on EAK TV

One of the most important audiovisual media in the blockchain sphere, such as EAK TV, directed by multifaceted Erhan Korhaliller, (CEO and Founder), interviewed FLETA Global Strategy Chief James Song to learn more about the platform's proposals in the next months.


During the interview, James talked about FLETA technology, and its high scalability to achieve speeds of up to 15,000 TPS as well as the efforts they make to launch their next dApps focused on gaming for Q1-2020.

EAK TV is part of the prestigious EAK Digital firm, founded by the successful Erhan Korhaliller, which has managed large-scale project teams for leading brands such as Rolls Royce, Barclaycard and Vodafone. EAK TV has focused in recent months on showing excellent interviews with important personalities of the most successful projects in the crypto sphere.

5.- The FLETA token advances positions in the general crypto market ranking

One of the best news for many investors and holders of the homonymous token of the FLETA platform is undoubtedly the improvement in the general classification positions that the company's native currency had in October 2019.

At the beginning of the current month, the token was occupying the 2255 square of the ranking established by the famous CoinMarketCap price indicator, with a price of $ 0.009786 USD.


Now at the time of writing this post and in less than thirty days, the token has managed to drastically improve its position in the general classification of the crypto market, rising to position number 589 with a price of $ 0.009947 USD.


This implies an improvement in the ranking of more than 73% of progress in just 27 days and a revaluation of almost two percentage points in its price since then. The FLETA token is already among the first 600 of the crypto market in just three months of its launch and far exceeds tokens from similar technology and scalability platforms such as IOST, Harmony and Matic Network.


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