Alternatives With Blockchain Seal To Generate Income In Times Of Coronavirus

Alternatives With Blockchain Seal To Generate Income In Times Of Coronavirus

In difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are few solutions that we can consider to try to monetize our time and, therefore, recovers the loss of economic resources due to the obligatory isolation to which millions of people are being subjected throughout the planet.

Given the loss of jobs due to the prohibition of mobility in areas considered not critical or indispensable by government agencies, there are alternatives to monetize our time directly, transparently without intermediaries from our home. You only need to have a phone or a computer with an Internet connection and a willingness to learn.

Although we are not focused on making any type of advertising to any platform, our analysis focuses on the best returns both in time and money that allow us to obtain an extra income in times of coronavirus.

The fundamental activities reside in staking, decentralized loans and gaming with Blockchain technology, among others, which, depending on your time and investment capacity you can use to obtain passive income safely.




According to Binance Academy, staking "is a process by which funds are kept in a crypto wallet in order to support the operations of a Blockchain network."

As indicated by the literary resource of the exchange, it is basically to keep a certain amount of cryptocurrencies blocked in said deposit for a certain time defined by the user in order to receive rewards.

Its foundation lies in the consensus mechanism that many altcoins use called Proof of Stake (PoS) and was created in 2012 with PeerCoin as the first use case to differentiate itself from the expensive mechanism that Bitcoin uses and the like with the Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism. ).

To carry out the staking all you need to do is download a wallet that supports this financial activity of your smartphone or PC and choose the platform of your choice to 'bet' your coins from a certain time and receive a certain percentage as rewards for support the Blockchain network in particular.

Staking is a very popular and highly lucrative activity today. It is analogous to the Bitcoin mining process, but without the need for sophisticated equipment or consuming large amounts of kWh. All you need is a minimum investment capacity, according to your aspirations to support the production of blocks from a wallet.

According to Staking Rewards, the Staking market is on average about USD 9.659 million, this represents 5.05% of the total cryptocurrency market currently and the options are varied, with the set of low PoS altcoins dominating the scene with 14.54% .

Based on performance, minimum investment and return time, there are some interesting projects to make your first foray into this decentralized finance model.


According to the graph above, cryptocurrencies COTI, BTMX, Energi and FLETA represent viable options due to the little difference between the percentages of earnings reported by Blockchain platforms and the adjusted value according to the study.

However, according to the percentage of blocked coins, which is an important metric to consider, Tezos, Cosmos and BTMX are the most popular judging by the high level of stake in their Blockchain platforms.

The charts above point out, in the order presented, the shortest return time at the same time as the minimum amount of investment needed to bet your coins.


According to the above, a COTI user needs to delegate a minimum of 5,000 coins (USD 98.2) in order to participate in the platform's staking and begin to obtain passive profits from their investment before the second year.

For their part, Tezos and Cosmos present the most unfavorable scenario under current prices to carry out a staking since the minimum investment exceeds a thousand dollars and according to annual adjusted earnings, the ROI is in a decade.

In contrast, the most lucrative and low-payout tokens go through BTMX, Fantom, FLETA and Matic Network, even though the return conditions are quite different between them.

For example, a user who wants to participate without risking a lot of money to get to know the system, can bet on FLETA and get fully involved with the process before disbursing larger amounts without any knowledge.


Remember that the return times as well as the amounts for the minimum staking varies according to the price of the altcoin in the market, which in bullish times would represent an excellent source of income.


2.- Gaming


With the advanced use of Blockchain platforms in the field of gambling and gaming, the options are varied to be able to meddle in this world of adventure and finance. The main difference compared to traditional games from large companies or consoles is that payments are direct without intermediaries.

The options are varied and the returns too. But above all, what we must observe in a platform of this type is its liquidity. Therefore, the number of users, the ease of use and the minimum amount of input is very important.


Among the options we have Matic Network. The Blockchain network with high scalability based on a layer 2 solution on Ethereum that has had a great growth in the last months, thanks to the trust that has inspired many developers and companies to generate decentralized applications focused mainly on gaming.


Of the most prominent found on the Matic network, we have Battle Racer, a kind of arcade-style racing game originally built in the Decentraland virtual world and now on a Matic side chain.

Chainbreakers is another great game that also manages its NFT sales on Matic's side chains. This Blockchain gaming franchise created by the webvr studio Qwellcode in 2018 during the ETH Buenos Aires, Argentina, is based on an rpg strategy.

Finally, we have the option of Quarters, a gaming platform that uses the native Pocketful token as a universal cryptocurrency and that runs under the Matic network to guarantee instant and low-cost transactions in games such as Fortnite, PUBG, CSGO, Black OPS, battlefield , among others.



Other excellent gaming titles with Blockchain technology can be found on the Tron network. According to DappReview, WINK is the Blockchain-based gaming platform with the best volume in thousands of dollars over the Justin Sun chain.

Formerly known as Tronbet, Wink has its native token on the Binance exchange and provides users with high-performing, exciting games on the Tron network, where you can find everything from casinos to the popular Monopoly board game.



On the Ethereum chain we also find an excellent option for lovers of luck. Dice2win is a dice game with a house edge of less than 1 percent that makes it quite attractive and the best RNG in its class, with no registrations or deposits.

This gambling-focused Dapp is the first of its kind on Ethereum in terms of volume recorded in the last 24 hours, at just over $ 230 million.

A well-respected and well-known game among cryptocurrency and blockchain Ethereum users is without a doubt Gods Unchained. The popular NFT token trading card game continues to gain traction among lovers of this type of application.

With over 9,000 users under his belt and weekly tournaments with highly attractive prizes, Gods Unchained is one of the leaders of its kind. According to the website, this game has a balance in its smart contracts in the order of USD 413,280.



Although EOS has lately been in the eye of the hurricane for its network congestion, there are a few alternatives in the gambling segment of this blockchain.

EOSPlay an online casino and lottery is most remarkable in terms of volume of transactions. EOSPlay issues winning numbers generated by the hash of the next block to be produced by the EOS core network.

Its volume in the last 24 hours reaches the not inconsiderable figure of USD 1.15 million.


3.- Collateral loans, De-Fi


Decentralized finance better known as De-Fi has peaked this year with the increasing use of decentralized apps focused on collateral lending to users who hold cryptocurrency of fiat money, without the need to lose their crypto holdings.

In essence, that's decentralized borrowing on Blockchain platforms, which have their biggest focus on the Ethereum blockchain for its operation. Cases such as DDEX, dYdX and Maker, are successful examples of this type of system with high daily volumes in thousands of dollars.


Each of these portals allows users to interact with the smart contracts without permission that feed the credit system. Thus, they can borrow the stable currency they want such as Dai or USDC, blocking the amount of ETH arranged by the application in a collateral vault.

Under the basic economic principles of loans where liquidity plays an important role, the stability of the deposit guarantee is ensured by the corresponding payment of fees in the stable currency.

According to defiprime data, the DeFi platforms and protocols for cryptocurrency loans allow a profit rate between 1.66% and 0.92% for DAI and USDC cases respectively.



4.- Other sources of income


Although trading is one of the first activities involved with cryptocurrencies, due to its high risk and volatility, it is reserved for a select group of amateurs and experts on the subject who have various options in the market to multiply their income.

That is why we will focus on other types of income that, although they are eventual, do not fall ill if luck accompanies you.


Airdrops, Give Away

They are crypto gifts that have their origin in the media ICOs of 2018, when projects like OmiseGo, Tron and Stellar distributed 'airdrops' of their tokens in a wide network of Blockchain enthusiasts as a marketing technique.

Initially, airdrops occurred spontaneously.However, today some simple tasks are required by the official social networks of the project in exchange for giving a specific amount of tokens. The most common are Twitter and Telegram.

However, you have to know how to differentiate very well for this type of campaign, since many of them lend themselves to scam. So the recommendation follows the campaigns of projects or consolidated personalities.


They are jobs, tasks or campaigns that a user must complete to obtain the native token of the Blockchain platform in question. Tasks rarely involve any kind of advanced coding knowledge and the work done by the interested user helps the project with marketing, brand recognition, exposure and project quality.

Tasks generally include translations, rewards for encountering errors on the platform, written content, social media campaigns, etc.

The vast majority requires that the user be registered on platforms such as BitcoinTalk in order to participate and report their specific work to be entitled to the stipulated rewards.


Social Networks cryptos

One way to earn income on a regular basis during these times of from coronavirus isolation is to generate quality content on platforms dedicated to monetizing your content.

The options are varied and platforms such as Pepo, Steemit, Cent, Honest.Cash, Voice, SocialX, Memo and Publish0x are some options to receive 'tips' in cryptocurrencies for the content uploaded to these platforms.

It is worth noting that the content can be written or audiovisual, respecting the rules of each of these platforms and the amounts to be earned depending on the feedback you have within the community.

Most of these platforms establish a win-win reward system, where you can receive cryptocurrencies not only for uploading content, but also for sending 'tips' to other users for their work done.

As a curious fact, highlights Wallet Street from FLETA Blockchain, which has launched a kind of social network focused on crypto assets that each user owns. Thus a Binance trader, for example, can safely build buildings based on the size of their assets within the exchange, and at the same time earn tokens while sharing with other users within the platform, their knowledge about specific assets of mutual interest.




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