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Five Reasons to Play Neon District

Combine a cyberpunk aesthetic with an RPG and throw them in a blender with pizza, crypto, and NFTs and finally, you have Neon District. While the narrative and meaningful p2p battles currently reside in development, Neon District still creates a fun, incentive-driven experience. What's the incentive? Buying NFTs with the in-game currency NEON. Did I mention this game is free and play-to-earn? Let me reiterate: this fairly new game, which allows you to become an early adopter if you get in now, enables you to earn NFTs and it's free to play. And it's on Polygon. And it's awesome. Phew.

Okay, so maybe my five reasons to play Neon District include some bonus subordinate reasons above; nonetheless, here are my actual five reasons to play Neon District:

5. Mint NFTs for Gameplay

Arguably, the biggest selling point with Neon District consists of the ability to mint NFTs for gameplay. Neon District's NFTs fully integrate with the game, as each character is itself an NFT. To purchase weapons, armor, and characters, you need to deliver pizzas, steal from other pizza delivery teams (more on gameplay later on), or utilize hit contracts. If you prefer taking a shortcut, you can always buy NEON from their site or jump on OpenSea and pick up the best level 5 gear.

opensea nd collection

4. Attention Flexibility

Simple concept, difficult to execute. Neon District, even in its infancy, offers gamers a rewarding experience entirely contingent upon their preferred level of interaction with the game. In order to acquire NEON, your team can deliver pizzas. This aspect rewards gamers with a passive preference toward playing. Each shift spans roughly eight hours and you don't need to be active whatsoever during the shift. For more active gamers, however, you can simultaneously engage in illegal activities and ambush other delivery teams. Further, if a team attempts to steal your loot, you can put a hit contract out on them or attempt to fight them yourself. As with the best games, more game time equates to higher reward ceilings. 

Neon District Ambush

3. Aesthetics

The cyberpunk aesthetic of Neon District juxtaposes futuristic tech with an all-too-familiar city grit. As explained by Neon District's website:

Neon District is a cyberpunk enclave within the refuge city, Unity - a city with staggering contrasts. In the glittering citadels of the rich, there is fine food, expensive vices and beautiful floating scenery. On the streets below, things are cold, hungry, and desperate. There's no middle ground between the haves and have nots. It's all or nothing.

The imagery, characters, and accessories echo the dichotomy between the "haves and have nots." You can see a certain coolness to the visuals even with traditionally warm colors. The NFT cards themselves emanate artistic flair--especially the head accessories. Look at how bad ass these designs are:

neon district nfts

2. Coin Artist

Marguerite DeCourcelle, better known by her cypherpunk-Twitter alias coin_artist, is an absolute rockstar in the crypto community. Coin Artist is behind Neon District as the CEO of Blockade Games. Prior to Neon District, Coin Artist etched a name for herself as a crypto pioneer by combining puzzles, art, and NFTs. See Coin Artist's Bitcoin puzzle painting collaboration, her 3000 NFT puzzle drop, her own COIN token, and more recently, her Road to 50k NFT airdrop. On top of playing Neon District, I encourage you to also follow her on Twitter (@coin_artist). If you want to stay on top of the NFT world, Coin Artist should definitely be on your radar. I foresee many more amazing things to come.

coin artist

1. Gameplay

The Neon District team explained on their website that this game will be released in seasons. As of this writing, the fun factor is already high with minting NFT playable items, ambushing other Neon District teams, and even the alpha version of practice battles. It takes some time to understand the battle mechanics. I found difficulty in following the how-to-play guide by itself--specifically, the card dynamics and "ticks"; nevertheless, once I started battling with my team, everything written made sense. Here's a shot of my team GANG_GANG_GANG battling the computer:

neon district battle

Notice the avatars on the top of the screen. This shows the order by which each character can act, where characters with 0 ticks act ahead of those with more. An excellent dynamic within the battle system includes the ability of some attacks to add ticks to the opponent's character. Experiment with the battle system! I promise, it's a lot of fun.

This project is still in early days, and we know how fast the crypto space moves. In other words, get in now while it's early. This project holds tremendous promise. Neon District is also scheduled in July to be playable on Steam.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to ambushing you on a Neon Pizza delivery.

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