CRAZY IDEA FOR INVESTMENTS: tokenizing soccer player!
Sellling soccer player

CRAZY IDEA FOR INVESTMENTS: tokenizing soccer player!

By Tarcam76 | BRAZIL_Investments | 24 Jun 2020

Hi. Exercising the brain to find new investing ideas, I have fund this article:

Basically, Alex "sold" himself on ETHEREUM, and promise to return after 3 years the investor money.

In fact, he is not selling his body (not adult content here), but his time and future profits in a new USA traveling in form of "FRACTIONAL SHARES".

So, just a kind of STO ( - Security Token Offering.

About the crazy idea?



Why do not tokenize the rights for a Soccer Player (or other sport)?

The 1st STO soccer player rights!



Just for Neymar (right now in PSG), we are talking about 222 million EUROS!,joint%20second%20in%20the%20list.

And when he went in 2013 from Santos to Barcelona, his "value"  was 57 million Euros.

We are talking about 170 million Euros in 4 years, or 389% - not bad.



- help your heart team

- win money



- risk

- lose money


Your opinion

What do you think about this crazy idea?


Be safe!


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