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BRAZIL versus R$ Stablecoins

By Tarcam76 | BRAZIL_Investments | 6 May 2020



I was curious, looking at a lot US$ stablecoins like: (COINTIMES BR source; COINCODEX source; COINMARKETCAP)


- Tether USD (USDT) [rank #4] -

- TrueUSD (TUSD) [rank #49] -,

- USD Coin (USDC) [rank #21] -,

- Dai (DAI) [rank#55] -,

- Gemini Dollar (GUSD) [rank #426] -,

- Binance USD (BUSD) [rank #37] -,

- StableUSD (USDS) [rank #1075] - and

- Paxos Standard (PAX) [rank #35] -;


(NOTE: Six from Eight) [6/8] on TOP 100 Coinmarketcap (!) just researching a little bit - whitepapers can be look at easily on site


Do BRAZIL have something on this market with our REAL R$ currency?

Yes, we have! One listed on Coinmarketcap !!!

Let´s see them:


1. Brazilian Digital Token (BRZ) [rank #2104] -

Target: 1 BRZ = R$1,00



2. CryptoBRL (cBRL) [not ranked] - not listed

Target: 1 cBRL = R$1,00



3. Real-T (RealT) [ not ranked] - not listed

Target: 1 RealT = R$1,00



4. BRL Coin (BRLC) [not ranked] -

Target: 1 BRLC = R$1,00



5. GoMoney Criptocoin (GMC) [not ranked] - not listed

Target: should be 1 GMC = US$1,00 - but I found another GMC lited in COINMARKETCAP -

and even this the site doe not work:

Does not work: (source)

Both have died? I do not know. BUT the second exist somewhere:

In fact, a lot of GMC (and cousins) found on etherscan: and GOMONEY too:


6. Real Asset Service (RAS) [not ranked] - not listed - but found another RAS:

Target: 1 RAS = R$1,00


It appers that will replace (RealT):


During the research, I found a lot of Brazilian altcoins, but it would be for another post.

It seems that R$ (Real) is not a preferred currency, even more now with world health problems (right now US$1=R$5,60).

But still something to study... and in my case, sharing information.

Be safe!

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