Beware of the Risks of Granting Shiny New AI Apps Access to Your Google Account

By Melusine | Brave New Online World | 9 Mar 2023

  With the current explosion of new apps by unknown developers surfing the tsunami of AI awareness generated by ChatGPT's instant fame, it is crucial to understand the risks of granting access to a Google account and carefully weigh the benefits and risks of rushing to the new shining AI app.  

One of the biggest security risks is granting unknown apps access to our Google account.

It's common for apps to ask for access to your Google account to enhance the user experience or to sync data between the app and your account. But before you grant that access, it's important to understand the potential risks involved.


  1. Privacy invasion: When you grant an unknown app access to your Google account, you're essentially giving it access to sensitive information like emails, contacts, and personal documents. This means that the app may be able to collect, store, and sell your personal information.

  2. Phishing attacks: Unknown apps can be a disguise for phishing attacks, where cybercriminals try to steal your login credentials and personal information. Always verify the authenticity of the app and check its reviews before granting access.

  3. Spam and unwanted emails: If you grant access to an unknown app, it might use your account to send spam messages or emails to your contacts. This could damage your reputation and harm your relationships with others.

  4. Malware infection: Some unknown apps could be malware that infects your device or infects others through your Google account. This could compromise your personal and financial information, and lead to identity theft.

  5. Unauthorized purchases: Some apps may have the ability to make unauthorized purchases using your Google account. This could result in unexpected charges and financial loss.

The Risks of Granting Permissions to Apps: A Closer Look

  Apps often ask for access to your Google or other accounts, camera, microphone, contacts, location, and more. To understand the permissions they require and the risks associated with granting them, let's take a closer look at each type of permission and the risks involved.  

  1. Access to your Google account: Apps may request access to your Google account to sync data, store information, or enhance the user experience. However, granting access also means that the app will have access to sensitive information like emails, contacts, and personal documents. This could result in privacy invasion, phishing attacks, spam and unwanted emails, malware infections, and unauthorized purchases.

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