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By Mospher | Brave Browser | 26 Jan 2021

Brave Browser have a new feature the TAP NETWORK.

If you are a Brave user and you have an Uphold account.


You can use your BAT (Basic Attention Token)  7e0b2c28b47dc5b2da93dcd055afe451567da64f66a907dc7e0149fe52a0d9cd.jpgto buy unlimited things here on TAP NETWORK and also you can donate but this is your choose.

You have many things you can buy and get discount with your BAT like:

-> Xbox Gift Card; PlayStation Store; Playstation Plus; Nintendo Store; GameStop Gift Card

-> Uber Eats; Walmart; Ebay; Foot Locker; Domino's; Starbucks


If you are want make more BAT than you normally do follow me because I'm gonna post I can you make 50 BAT per moth.



If you can see this is from this here. Look the date when my account have been added to this and watch how many BAT I have made with this, you can see I'm not lying.

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