Breaking News ETH 2.0

By Lunatic74 | Brave BAT | 6 Jun 2020

Breaking news ETH 2.0



1: Staking

  • To be able to staking ETH, you will need to buy 32 ETH at the price they will be when ETH 2.0 is launched.

2: Penalties

  • ETH has developed a system called SLASHING which penalizes users who send ill-advised data to the network.
    The penalties are counted to what they call each EPOCHS (Every 6.4 min).
    At the end of each of these cycles, participation is calculated and each validator who correctly performs his tasks receives a micro-reward or a micro-penalty depending on his involvement in the system.

3: Contribution stop

  • If you want to end your contribution to the network once you have started, you can opt out. This exit procedure tells you to stop giving your validator tasks to do, which prevents you from earning additional rewards or obtaining additional penalties.

NB: Once active you can only withdraw after 256 EPOCHS (27H).

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