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"The Longest American Farewell"



For a lifetime she was with him,

A gaze that could never be broken,

Just ten years before it was spoken,

His awareness bade farewell to them.

All knew it was only a matter of time,

Only she could share that gaze and last time,

Until the end she knew.

As the years went by the love grew,

Until the last five,

The gaze was broken into two,.

No more could they connect,

At his last physical breath,

It was time to bade farewell,

The long journey back to capital,

They lined the streets to see him,

To glimpse them together one last time,

She emerged to greet the crowd,

Alongside him as the masses cheered,

For many had missed them for years,

One man cried blessings of God,

To the lady Ronnie called Nancy,

She waived in return as if Ronnie were doing the same,

One could almost see him there,

Present celebrating death with all,

Yet as the caisson reached Rotunda,

She was reminded that he had gone,

Reaching out to him first with gaze,

Without his response she touched the flag,

At dinner this unfolded,

In the free world he had supported,

Life bustled about yet paused,

All wanted to comfort her in their awe,

Then at 3am another wake,

Within a quiet mid-western home,

A young person recalls his charm,

As a little girl his convictions were unmistakable,

She thought of his humble evening addresses,

After nightly news to the nation,

Within them there had been comfort,

Despite red threats and nuclear armor,

A child could always know hope,

That an American dream could be real,

Back to the present there is mourning,

Great sorrow unfolding before me,

Watching thousands endlessly walking by,

To say to him their final good-bye,

After 34 hours of calm sorrow,

His last day alongside Nancy D,

So many great people he had touched,

Gorbechov and Margaret with all the others,

Touched by this to no end,

For Margaret reminded all he had only begun,

Then Nancy walked with him back onto Airforce One,

She looked back to her crowd bidding them final farewell,

One could almost see him there again,

Twinkling eyes and kind smile there beside her,

For one last time they were together,

Only this time he was caught gazing back at her,

For one last time they were together upon earth,

If not physical though in heart and spirit,

In the final hours as the sunset down,

The longest journey and farewell,

Was finally falling upon her,

With his flag removed her heart sank,

Nancy D Reagan had finally broken her gaze,

Realizing that she could do no more for him,

Nothing more in the earthly realm,

Just maybe the long farewell,

Was his gift for her as well.

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Brandy Seymour
Brandy Seymour

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Brandy Seymour Poetry

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