Impressionable Experiences: How Mommy Died: Death's Shroud

Impressionable Experiences

How Mommy Died

"Death's Shroud"




Where has,

the artist,


I miss her,



Dear mother,

Where may,

we find her?

This world is,

missing her,

every hour.


She seems to have fallen,

through those cracks,

into which one becomes,



Oh how do I summon her,

or am I too late?

Does she live or die,

I don't know why,

but I feel that her grave,

has been dug years ago.


The dirt isn't fresh,

and the grass grown over.

That artist's soul,

must have departed, years before.

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Brandy Seymour
Brandy Seymour

I enjoy politics and finance and filmmaking topics.

Brandy Seymour Poetry
Brandy Seymour Poetry

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