Impressionable Experiences: Friendship's Evolution: The Standard Letter

Impressionable Experiences

Friendship's Evolution

"The Standard Letter"



Today I saw you for the first time.

It was the first time in a while.

You looked at me for a moment,

swiftly you ignored my presence,

you then looked away.


Last Friday I was driving.

I had not thought of you in a while.

Moments later you drive by,

you came from behind passing me side by side,

yet so far away.


On Thursday I had a dream.

It was the best dream in a while.

You were harsh at first.

Then you hugged me and smiled,

the morning came,

I woke and you went away again.


How many more times must I face you?

Yes I miss you, you were my friend.

I long for your forgiveness, but know it won't be there.

I lost you because I care,

I didn't know it was a crime,

You are so unfair.


Everyday I am punished.

For my soul you have lashed.

My heart has been bleeding,

and my spirit tortured daily.

How many more tricks must I turn,

Why are you so unfair?


All I want is to understand,

That is all I have ever wanted.

Why is there no mercy?

A merciless foe you have become.

Your heart is so cold now,

Life is truly unfair.


For now that is all I have to say.

Surely tomorrow next week or next month,

my heart will need say more.

But for now I will sign off,

The way I always have and always will,

Best wishes, love always, your friend.


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Brandy Seymour
Brandy Seymour

I enjoy politics and finance and filmmaking topics.

Brandy Seymour Poetry
Brandy Seymour Poetry

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