Impressionable Experiences: Friendship's Evolution: Bitter And Sweet

Impressionable Experiences

Friendship's Evolution

"Bitter And Sweet"

By:  Brandy Seymour



Sweet and bitter,

Bitter the sweet.

Dark as white,

Black as light.


Bitter blood of child,

Sweet vengeance in denial,

Hatred did most defile,

Close friendship burdened of lies.


Her dangerous evil stained Gabrielle,

Xena's debts were hope's envy.

Hope's safety turned empty shell,

Solan's death became their treaty.


Sweet and bitter,

Bitter the sweet.

Two friends hate each other,

A pair fighting hate together.

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Brandy Seymour
Brandy Seymour

I enjoy politics and finance and filmmaking topics.

Brandy Seymour Poetry
Brandy Seymour Poetry

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