Impressionable Experiences: Faith's Strength: Kevin's Undying Spirit

Impressionable Experiences

Faith's Strength

"Kevin's Undying Spirit"

By:  Brandy Seymour



You have faith, and you always do

For his soul is beautiful, as are you.

Stunningly handsome on the outside

But more magnificent on the inside.

He appreciated your cry

For you could not have a dry eye.

And though it seems he did die

Know he'll forever be by your side.

Together you have learned so much

In that sharing you shall always be touched.

When one day it seems you have forgotten

In your heart he'll be by a knockin.

And then you will see,

Why it is meant to be,

You're only sad because you were left behind.

Realize his soul shall never break its bind

And now that he has gone home

Know that one day you shall too.

In the blink of an eye it will be known

That he is forever a part of you too.



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Brandy Seymour
Brandy Seymour

I enjoy politics and finance and filmmaking topics.

Brandy Seymour Poetry
Brandy Seymour Poetry

Poetry written by Brandy Seymour

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