Introducing Adonx - A Multi-Functional Cryptocurrency Exchange

By Brainardpaul | brainerdpaul | 22 Apr 2021


It is glaring that in our world today blockchain innovation has been exceptionally applied to most decentralized platforms today, yet the capacity of blockchain has not yet arrived at its maximum capacity, there are as yet numerous things that could still be done for blockchain to arrive at its maximum capacity. Adonx is a platform that expects to make blockchain innovation arrive at its maximum capacity with its revolutionary crtypto exchange that is one of a kind with its unbeatable features.


About Adonx Exchange Platform

Adonx Exchange has created an exceptional Ecosystem with various degrees of new and revolutionary features that has given rise to a multinational Crypto exchange platform with various features embedded for examples are escrow & payment services more quickly, efficiently and absolutely safe. Adonx is at the fore front of utilizing Blockchain Technology to form the basis of their incredible platform as well as secure a top notch security standards. It is widely known that most Blockchain startups and small merchants are weighed down with various fees such as extremely high transaction fees plaatforms that are not easy to use and many more, Adonx Platform will provide a lasting solution by creating a Community-Driven Platform by providing unimaginable opportunities for various crypto projects of all sizesto be traded on exchanges. Adonx has created a market with cheap and reasonable listing fees and have also provided a platform that offeres low transaction fees when using this incredible exchange compared to other exchanges with extremely high transaction fees.

The Adonx structure has been built a advanced and quite secure multi-level application algorithms and all transaction processes within the platform will pass through several advanced layers of security before being verified by operators. The backend of the Adonx Exchange Platform is specially and carefully designed to create a quite unique and extremely secure Complex Algorithm, this makes it more difficult for various hackers to have access to this incredible platform. With majority of the end security points protected by second level authorization through multiple layers of security which include OTP, 2FA, Pin. The developers of Adonx platform also sustains all layers of security on a regular basis where various activities on the platform will be monitored, analyzed and audited 24/7 with updates that will further be updated bases on the present international security standards. The team has actually made sure that they have done everything correctly to protect and secure this exceptional platform and to be one of the best you can find around as a crypto enthusiast



Adonx Exchange Ecosystem has provided various and incredible benefits to all users of the platform with quite interesting features which are multi-functional. Some of the unique features of the platform includes,

API: Adonx exceptional team has created a unique multi-functional API which allow for users and developers to be integrated more efficienty, Hereby prioritizing functionality with substantial features where the API will be created to facilitate automated processing of several documentation more easily and efficiently. The API has been designed with strict international standard security where each API will be generated for each user by customizing and implementing the application more effectively and efficiently.

MULTI PLATFORM APPS: Adonx also created applications with alot of platform support which ranges from mobile to desktop. Users of this incredible platform can easily and without stress access their accounts through this application and without worry about safety, becuase this has been well taken care of, the user interface has also been designed in an sophisticated but easy to use for users ranging from newbies to experts

ESCROW: Escrow is actually an agreement feature where Adonx will supervise the two parties conducting the transaction. Adonx created a smart contract to perform the escrow operation removing the need for third party assistance whatsoever. This makes sure a decentralized system utilizing Blockchain technology in a transparent, effective and efficient fashion.

ATOMIC SWAPS : Atomic exchange is one important and unique features of Adonx Platofrm where this incredible feature allows the Crypto exchange process instantly without having to pass through complicated steps, the transaction fees are also quite low and with one of the best rate through the algorithm developed by them.

ALIAS: One other important feature that is actually attractive is that this revolutionary platform provides a unique aliasing system which makes it easier for its users to make deposits from any wallets or exchanges which is not complicated, the Aliasing feature which will give additional links according to the name on their exchange. Users will have the option to set up the alias name they want which can be made public or private depending on what the user wants.


The Adonx backend is built on top of a multi-tier application structure, and each and every requests are always passing through several layers safely to meet demand. The Adonx platform has carefully considering all important factors has designed to mitigate / minimize security issues and vulnerabilities in multiple stages, some of which are but not limited to transport level, application level, and storage level safety issue. Secure Sockets Layer is every time applied whenever it is required in the transport layer. Data encryption/decryption too is always applied at multiple layers wherever it is needed.



With its highly and incredible scalable matching engine, it can withstand high loads and can efficiently process millions of orders per minute.

Market Order vs Limit Order, In order to better and efficiently satisfy users needs,where users of the platform can use market orders to buy or sell coins at the available prices hereby making sure they are executed immediately and efficiently. Users can also use constraints order that gives users the right to set the price at which users want to buy or sell the desired coin, so that it will only be fulfilled when the price exceeds the specified price value. Interesting facts.



ADONX is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, to be precise 21 million tokens will be printed, a lot more 80% of unsold tokens from sale will be burned at each stage. ADONX TOKEN will be used as a payment method for various services available at Adonx ecosystem, or wherever applicable.

Adonx Token is the native currency of the Adonx exchange ecosystem. The token utilizes the Smart Contract (ERC-20) feature. This token has alot of uses such as Listing Fees, Paying Services, Voting, and so on. Holders of the coin get more benefits as these Tokens are an important Foundation for this revolutionary and incredible exchange. With this demand for the coin will continue to grow and people van benefit from it.




I believe this project has what it takes to get it potential, it is a project worth investing in. Adonx project is what investors need, has the project has presented itself with the work the team has done to be credible and investors can actually rely on the efficiencies of this project. This is just amazing, and mouth-watering.

The Adonx project is a multifunctional solution in the world of cryptocurrencies. Their ideas and work done are inspiring. The project has a great future because they open the way to the world of cryptocurrencies for millions of users across the globe has we can all have access anywhere around the world. We should closely monitor the development of the platform and projects based on their unique technology.

Adonx has presented a new and exceptional crypto exchange platform that is a solution to various problems been faced in the crypto exchange world today. Adonx has presented itself has a Bridge for Mainstream Adoption by developing a new Crypto exchange platform that can be used everyone anywhere in the world. They have created an efficient and transparent platform for various financial processes. Be a part of this revolutionary project today and be glad you did.











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