COI - Carbon Offset Initiative
COI - Carbon Offset Initiative

By Brainerdpaul | brainerdpaul | 9 Nov 2019

Over the years, the changes that have taken place in the world's climate have made it increasingly urgent to address them, and the current situation has not led to a solution to this eminent problem. The continuous pollution of the atmosphere with a large amount of toxic waste produced by industries has caused this eminent problem.
Climate change is undoubtedly real, and it affects us in every way. The most prominent threat, however, comes in the form of air pollution. Air pollution taints the air we breathe, it clouds the world we see.
The majority of air pollution today comes from the mass production of fossil fuels, and its production is fuelled by our need for it in our all aspects of our daily life.
Despite our dependence on electricity, we are immune to the fundamental question that is where, and how this energy has been produced and distributed for its use in our households and vehicles. We are, however, comforted by the increasing interest and demand for electric vehicles and self-powered homes, but still, most of its energy is sourced from conventional forms of fossil fuel production. Today lets take a look into a revolutionary platform that is here to change that the COI platform.
The team of this great project sincerely believes that the ‘’green revolution’’ will be as impactful as the ‘’internet revolution’’ or the “industrial revolution” in terms of innovation and employment as well as investment opportunities.
The main objective is to solve problems in a new manner by combining our team’s experience and network with digitalisation and blockchain, both being powerful resources for implementation and success.
The team has also conducted a research that shows that the shipping sector is ideal for carbon minimization potential and that a proper disposal of its waste oil is even carbon negative.


Carbon Offset Initiative(COI) is a green solution for waste and data traceability in different industrial spheres, using innovative blockchain technology to enhance productivity in collecting, tracking and recycling waste from different sources.
Our mission is to help organisations and enterprises save energy, reduce costs and build broader commercial value while addressing environmental and social issues.

COI intently reflects both our expectation just as the solid outcomes we go for: Carbon Offsetting by streamlining the ''shelter fuel-oil to slops to vitality'' cycle and the administration of waste and emanations. This improvement procedure renders the recuperated fuel-oil carbon negative, as opposed to unrefined petroleum, it doesn't need to be investigated, created, refined and moved, along these lines diminishing altogether the carbon impression.

The co-initiative platform will be adapted to environmental needs general through emissions, speed, positioning, climate clean water recovered from solid waste based on, and designed to be necessed for, and adapted to the necessary so the future customers may choose part or all of a but solution suitable from management and optimization of your consumption and to emissions to control of all bunker fuel for discharges, with an included system hardware and one of software, hardware layer, as part of hardware consists of devices collecting and transmiting collected data, as vessels would be equipped with measures of sebustible bank and exchange bank. stage of process from bank fuel loading to disposal therefore by potentially measuring tank cargo loading, measure oil water density and composition at various tank levels, to track the mud quality, by recording some external parameters which can improve and improve it. gsm or satellite measures for control centers, so recycling machines obtained similar devices to measure the quantity and density of waste acquired to be processed, also during the procedures, but also measured quantities of solid waste, like water and oil recycled from initial washing, because the ioc platform on request, all port collectors and carriers may also be equipped with the disposal of different activities as a layer of software it consists through main modules such as receiving data ption of general data recycling and management vessels, machines and collectors with data analysis and reporting of data integrity, consistency and quality, with the creation of “intelligent tracks”.



With our broad involvement with waste reusing, we have been profoundly engaged with the truth of the reusing procedures of sleek waters and slops. There are three key worries for transportation organizations and proprietors:

Is the reusing employment done lawfully, opportune, and in a quality way for the given amount?

Are the included gatherings paid by understandings and least installments in real money?

Have we overpaid (shrouded robbery)?

After we have recognized the control issue as the main driver for illicit spillage and fuel burglary, we have formulated a cost proficient, simple to execute and work answer for remote observing of shelter and waste preparing (figure 1 ) dependent on blockchain. Our answer has two layers, the equipment comprising of estimation and media transmission gadgets, and the product.

COI's foundation can be adjusted to send proprietors' needs (discharges, speed, situating, climate, and so on.)

Our framework is considered to be versatile and its design coordinating the customers' needs.

For instance, the customer can pick a part or all the arrangements from the above plan, from overseeing and improving its utilization and outflows to the control of the full ''dugout fuel to slops''.

Our framework incorporates both equipment and a product layer:

Equipment layer (in blue):

The equipment part comprises of gadgets that gather and transmit the gathered information

Vessels would be furnished with computerized gadgets to:

  • Measure the amounts of dugout fuel and slops in their particular tanks at each phase of the procedure, from shelter fuel stacking onto the vessel up to the slops transfer;

  • Conceivably measure the load (tankers);

  • Measure the sleek water thickness and synthesis at different levels in the tank, to follow the nature of the slop;

  • Register some outside parameters conceivably affecting utilization and outflows;

  • Transmit the measures by GSM or satellite to control focuses.

Reusing plants would get comparative gadgets to quantify the amount and thickness of the gained slops to be handled. A media transmission gadget would likewise transmit these measures, and after preparing, the amounts of strong buildup, water and oil reused from the underlying slop.

Upon demand, the port gatherers and transporters could likewise be furnished with gadgets to quantify the amount and thickness of the gathered and moved slops.



COI are tokens, based on Ethereum platform. COI tokens are offering carbon neutral traceability solutions and benefits to its users while achieving social, economic and environmental pillars of Sustainable Development Goal’s 2030 Agenda adopted by United Nations.
Ability of tracking waste management processes and inputting trustworthy data on public ledger is mitigating manipulation while improving transparency and increasing environmental economics.

71%: ICO
2%: partners
2%: advisors
2%: meritocracy
18%: team
5%: treasury


23%: Operation + management
15%: legal + regulatory
5%: reserve funds
14%: sales + marketing
32%: research + development
11%: general + administrative




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