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Cryptocurrencies are actively used and traded all over the world. As should be expected therefore, the demand for it continues to increase every year, and accordingly, more and more platforms appear on the market, which have a wide range of essential and necessary functions.

The global adoption of cryptocurrency has been questioned by elites in the world as a result of lack of good cryptocurrency exchanges. Before the general adoption of cryptocurrency, there is need for provision of cryptocurrency exchanges where users can easily exchange or trade their preferred cryptocurrencies into other cryptocurrencies or fiat, and vice versa. Some issues have been recorded with existing cryptocurrency exchanges; issues ranging from lack of trust and loyalty, lack of good user interface, high transaction fees, difficulty of real time trading, slow deposit and withdrawal. Both centralized and decentralized exchange platforms have come under lots of criticism as a result of problems facing each of these exchanges. Users tend to have little or no profit trading in some crypto exchange as a result of high trading fees, whereby these fees high fees should have been profits accrued from trading activities.

The need for a wholistic multi-currency exchange, where users can efficiently, safely and effectively perform transactions and trade cryptocurrrencies seamlessly without hassles has birthed this prodigy of a project. Let me introduce to you, the Volentix Project!


Volentix is a well secured decentralized digital assets exchange platform that has been developed with all the right trading tools to facilitate efficient and profitable trading for cryptocurrency traders using a Multicurrency currency wallet where users have full control of their assets.

VDEX has been developed to provide a solid user experience and facilitate Community development and governance. VDEX is built on EOS smart contract through the assemblage of decentralized application portfolios to ensure speed, security, scalability and easy usage access for the execution of peer to peer transactions. The technologies behind VDEX operating system are top notch and will provide all the exchange requirements needed for secure and profitable trades.

It is important to know that the Volentix Digital Assets Ecosystem (DAE) began as a collection of people each of whom had experienced the frustration and dismay connected with persistent flaws in the cryptocurrency marketplace, especially the losses of stake associated with enormous hacks and cyber fraud in central exchanges. To solve this issue, The team created Volentix to provide a comprehensive set of user-friendly instruments for every single individual: VDEX, VESPUCCI, VERTO, VENUE, and also a native digital currency to act as a store of value and a means of trade (VTX). These 5 "Vs" which are considered the pillars of the Volentix project are elucidated below.


Vdex is a decentralized exchange for peer-to-peer trading of electronic assets. This decentralized exchange is the fourth pillar of the volentix ecosystem. Vdex will be fully integrated and work alongside the Verto wallet and the vespucci interface. Vdex will be embedded with the capacity to manage Vtx transactions and many other digital Asset to be made tradable on the exchange.

VESPUCCI 190903265-36b2b64ce3975e7d002bd76f6c270f6f240da9c78fc356a5fa8e812db7232ed0.png
Vespucci is a protected downloadable electronic pocket.The Vespucci feature will be accessible to volentix users as a means of providing real time and historical market such as digital assets ratings and market sentiment analysis to facilitate traders trading decisions. Vespucci will provide all the valuable trading tools for users to make profitable trading decisions using VDEX.

VENUE 190903265-b85fa80f8f826aefe9b440e86f9fe22f4b132b95edfb80795e24de414bf38fcd.png
Venue is a platform offering incentives for education, promotion, and further development. It is one major Community feature of the volentix ecosytem that helps in the area of creating and promoting public awareness of volentix ideas. Through Volentix Venue there will be even distribution of VTX token, the native currency of the ecosystem between the members of the volentix Community. More details about Volentix Venue can be found in the Project whitepaper.

Verto is an interface for monitoring, assessing, and evaluation digital assets. It is the official Multicurrency wallet in the Volentix decentralized exchange. It is designed with Max security features to facilitate peer to peer transactions at almost no risk of losses for users and giving users complete custody o their wallet private keys unlike centralized exchange wallet.

THE VTX TOKEN190903265-0a46c76f97cf7ce39b41671e0b8c64820b60fd01ab38499e40e8eeea14637371.png

The VTX is the cryptographic token that will fuel activities on this exceptional platform. It is built on the customized, open-source eos.io technology, where transaction are processed faster and very effectively. The VTX token will be used for rewarding participants in the consensus process and in Venue campaigns. It will also be used for paying transaction fees on the VDex exchange. Holders of Volentix will have the permission to submit and vote on proposals to the Volentix ecosystem. The VTX token will be used for staking support for reviewing proposals and implementing projects.This unique token will also be used for incentivizing users to participate in order book.


Token: VTX

Platform: EOS

PreICO price: 1 VTX = 0.17 USD

Price in ICO: 1 VTX 0.3300 USD

Accepting: BTC, BCH, EOS, ETH

Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 48,500,000 USD

Total Supply: 800,000,000 VTX

Available VTX for Supporter: 65,000,000 VTX

Total token for sale: 364,000,000 VTX

Total token 455M VTX for public treasury: 455,000,000 VTX

MEET THE TEAM 190903265-2c8706e2c737ed3ad4ca833c0c4d9c192fbc92294fd29fdd89fa557b7db82d96.png




When a new project springs up in a specific sector, it should have in mind the problems and challenges plaguing that industry, and come up innovative solutions to some of these problems at least. The Volentix team aims to make VTX token, and the four pillars of Volentix easily accessible to, and useable by all those who wish to join their community. Furthermore, they expect the user experience to continually be educational as well, with templates and simulators to support a superior UX/UI relationship, thereby creating a user-friendly, flexible and secure cryptocurrrency trading ecosystem.

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