🍦 Gelato - Web3's Automation Protocol - The $GEL Token Sale to Be Announced Soon

🍦 Gelato - Web3's Automation Protocol - The $GEL Token Sale to Be Announced Soon

welcome to Gelato

Gelato Network is a decentralized network of bots that executes transactions on behalf of users.

Gelato’s mission is to support dapps that empower users who do not necessarily have technical skills to maintain an “army of bots” but still want to fully harness the power of decentralized applications. Gelato aims to be the bot infrastructure in the web3 middleware stack, allowing developers to access a full suite of automation services for their dapps.


Some use cases include:

  1. Combining off-chain conditions with on-chain actions, e.g. every time Elon Musk tweets about DOGE, purchase 1000 renDOGE.

  2. Becoming the transition layer between different blockchains, e.g. conduct multiple trades on a Layer 2 network where network fees are extremely cheap, then move funds back to the Ethereum mainnet and deposit in a Maker Vault to enjoy Ethereum Layer 1 security.

  3. Automated liquidity management for LPs. Examples include automatically moving LP positions in Uniswap v3 and ejected liquidity when impermanent loss becomes too great.

  4. Automatic trading strategies for investors, buy 10 ETH every day, buy ETH when the ETH/WBTC ratio is 0.8, etc. In addition, limit orders and dollar-cost averaging into AMM-based DEXs.

and many more.


Gelato live integrations and customers:

  • Instadapp: To date, over $188 million worth of debt is being protected and transformed Instadapp’s system from requiring tedious manual interactions to having automatic transactions built-in.

  • Sobert Finance: Automated trading strategies on Uniswap and QuickSwap. Sorbet Finance enables users to enjoy the same automated order execution experience they would normally do on a centralized exchange like Limit OrdersStop Loss, Dollar Cost Averaging, with the difference of interacting directly with the decentralized AMM Uniswap, enjoying full custody over the funds at all times.

  • HAL: Integrating Gelato, HAL was able to not only send Emails or Telegram messages to users when gas prices were low but also offer automatic on-chain execution of transactions.

  • SpookSwap: It offers native limit orders, powered by Gelato.


What is $GEL anyway?

💰  An ERC-20 token

⚙️  Serve all the network participants: developers, users, bot service providers

🎫  Participants can use GEL to access all the resources in the network

🗳️  Vote on Proposals in the Gelato DAO


Gelato is backed by Notable Investors

Gelato received $1.2M seed funding from Galaxy Digital, IOSG Ventures, and more.


🍦Gelato website: https://www.gelato.network/

🍦Twitter: https://twitter.com/gelatonetwork

🍦Telegram: https://t.me/therealgelatonetwork

🍦Discord: https://discord.gg/ApbA39BKyJ

🍦More about GEL token: GEL Announcement

Disclaimer: I work at Gelato.

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