What if I said "You earn when you play".Free giveaway. You might miss.

Hello dear all.

My name is Bossbaby and its been a long I have been heard.

Well I was thinking to see whther there are offers or any giveaways going on. And here is where I stumbled upon.


So I made the way and thought It might be helpful too especially when I care of my followers as my friends.


What we are going to talk about today?


When we were kids, we all loved playing games and we paid for what we played in the game stations, Playstations, Game cyber or bar or maybe in some of the malls.

And now when everything has gone online, we still pay for buying assets in the game and the payments are all done online.

But what if I said You earn when you play?


Yes that's absolutely true.

A team has come up with the concept that what if we paid our players to play.

And the news has gone like a fire in the forest.

But still many of us might not be aware.

So I thought to write on it.

What is the it?

This offer is by "Guild of Guardians"

According to their tweet " it is a free-to-play, team based mobile RPG that allows players to craft, trade, and exchange items for real money."


The plan is made and to promote it there is a free distribution event going on.


What? A free distribution event?


Yes so you get some free tokens when you preregister here, (This is my link which will help both of us)

So for preregistering and giving a like and follow on the page after being preregistered gives you 10 Tokens.



How to increase the tokens?

You can do it by promoting it and involving your friends and family to it.


All you need to do is just give your email and preregister.

The more tokens you have, the more valuable cards you get before hand.

These cards can be traded later on for real money or can be used for earning more in the upcoming game itself.


Free card

You get this free card.



Do not miss the chance

Lets go and join Guild of the guardians preregister giveaway.


Hope you loved this short article, go and get your free tokens.

And if you lived my article do like it and follow me for more upcoming free giveaways, offers and airdrops that you might miss.


Do comment on the topic you want me to write about. Would love to hear feedbacks that could improve me. And will bring anither article in more detail once the giveaway is over on The guild of Guardians especially for beginners.








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Bossbaby Revealing Offers and Airdrops

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