Rollercoin Update: 7500$ worth rewards to grab. Easy steps to participate.

Hello all, 

First thing first before we start with the article, here's a small reward for all new users. 

Get 1000 sats as bonus for joining Rollercoin with this link.



So what is the 7500$ worth reward for?

Rollercoin is a simulator game which gives you real crypto for just playing mini games. And so as they are close to a million users, so they are planning to giveaway 7500$ worth Rollertokens(RLTs) to 60 users.

(NOTE: 1 RLT=1 $)

1st- 50 random users will get 50$ worth of RLTs each

2nd- 10 top users who bring people to the game get lots of rewards as shown in the image.


Easy steps to participate.

1st- You need to have an account on rollercoin. Its the first step. So all new users can join here for 1000 sats bonus. And old users can skip this part.


2nd- A part

To participate in being the random 50 users who get 50$ worth RLTs you just need to invite atleast one person to the game.

Thats it you are done.

2nd part B.

To be the top 10 in the list, you need to bring as much people you can to the game, the more people you invite, the more higher you climb in the leader board.


Duration of the contest.

So it started from June 4, 2021 i.e.yesterday so you are already one day late.

It will end till 20th of june, or until 1 million users get registered.


So go bring some new users.

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