Cryptopick:Check your accuracy on picking and learn. Get 200 pickies bonus inside(worth 2$) with extra earnings every hour.

Good morning, evening and day depending on the timeline my friends.

Today I will bring something interesting about a site where every beginner get a chance to test their accuracy on picking cryptocurrencies and predicting their prices(ups and downs) and Earn for doing so everyday (infact every hour).

Okay so grab your coffee and lets begin.

What is CryptoPick?

Cryptopick is a price prediction game where you earn rewards for doing the correct prediction of the prices of different cryptocurrencies.

You use an Ingame currency called Cryptopickies to stake and spend it for participating in the game and the tournaments conducted.

Do you need initial Investment to do so?

Yes or no?

Basically both. You can invest and get Cryptopickies. So currently the rate is

1000 cryptopickies = 9.99$ 

Which means 1 pickies= 1 cent.


Now Bossbaby's part(Bonus)

But here I have something for my readers as I support all beginners to crypto. You can get free bonus of 200 Cryptopickies from my link.(Worth 2$).


And it keeps on growing as you make good predictions.

How you earn here?

So there are 2 ways to earn.

1st- By participating in picking games

There are two games in the sitewhere you can earn Pickies.

-One being Up/Down game where you have to predict whether the price of the currency will go up or down on the dedicated time.( i.e Hourly, Daily, weekly and Monthly)


-The next being Moon/Doom game

Here in Moon you need to choose the coins that will go up amongst all the other crypto and in Doom you need to choose the coin which will fall the the most.

This is free to participate.


2nd By taking part in Tournaments


So this is the main part where you participate in tournament and compete against other players and the one with good prediction shares a prize pool of Ethereum. So you can participate in lots of tournaments going daily, weekly and monthly.

The best part

The best part of the game is that every person out there can unlock their prediction skills which would be very beneficial in your life if you are a cryptoenthusiasts.

Learning is the best way of improving and enhancing your earnings.

So come on and lets learn and earn together for free with lots of players who are good predictors. You can follow them in the leaderboard to learn from them.

Go grab your free pickies worth 2 $.


You can also follow me in the game as username Bossbaby007. I did started picking recently and have been 3rd and 5th ranked consecutively for 2 days in the Hourly Tournaments and earning ETH as reward.


NOTE: I will keep the next part for the next article so that I can describe about Pickies and its utilities, CPR, Tips on how to choose crypto cirrencies to win more and how to earn free Pickies.

Thank you. Hope you all loved this article.

Do like and follow for more updates and ways of earning for free. Do comment for suggestions. Would love to improve myself.

An extra part:

Do join a mining simulator game and participate in the 7500$ worth raffle.

And get 1000 sats bonus.


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