Contest for BMT Token Holders. Who all can participate?

Hello all,

Today I am here to update you all with the contest going around in Bitcoinmania.

Here you can earn crypto daily by

1- Playing games

2- Having miners

To grab a free miner do sign up with this link if you are a new user.


The Contest

The game has become 100 days old and the team of the game has held a contest for the BMT token holders.(The contest rules at the end of the article)

Wait! what is BMT?

BMT is an ingame token which is currently for crowdsale in its initial stage.

With a supply of 2,000,000 tokens for the first phase of crowdsale.

The tokens base price is set to be 0.00000600 BTC and is in the crowdsale with 20% discount i.e 0.00000500 BTC per token.


Utilization of the token.

Soon the creators plan to use it for the ingame purchases and utilization.Token holders will be able to use BMT tokens for

- Buy Miners

-Buy Ads in the game

-Participate in lotteries, Contests.

-Grab bonuses

-Pay for electricity to keep their miner running.

-As the game upgrades, new miners and new locations will be added to the game, and hence can be accessed by the token holders.ab5738ad849dd4d1a08ae653c65991790dd531ee6d5971d54fac1daf9f88209d.png

Roadmap of the game

And as you can see the roadmap of the game and the token here in the image.


Many of the readers who have played rollercoin, do know about RLT tokens but the interesting part here about BMT is that it is going to be listed as a new crypto currency according to their roadmap.


Okay Now lets move on to the Contest.

So as the game as turned 100 days so there is a contest going on where some users will be able to grab powerful miners.

This is what their news said:

bcf94f1db982bee074990a61084bde9eae6661d02a9109f689fc275eff9b4879.pngRules to participate:

So to participate you need to have an account.

(Do signup here if you wish to grab a free miner)


- You need to have atleast 100 BMT tokens.(It says the higher the BMT tokens, the higher yor chance to win the giveaway)

-Thats it. Congratulations, you are a participant now.


The major part of the contest is what are the rewards. So lets dig into it.(I have placed the other required information of the miner too)

-20 will get Geforce GTX 1080 Ti

Mining Power- 30 GH/s

Daily earning- 30 sats perday (indefinitely)

-10 Geforce RTX 2070

Mining Power-60 GH/s

Daily earning-60 sats 

-5 Geforce RTX 2080

Mining power-300 GH/s

Daily earning-300 sats

-3 Radeon RX 5700

Mining power-600 GH/s

Daily earning-600 sats

-1 Geforce RTX 2080 Super.

Mining power-3600 GH/s

Daily earning-3600 sats

The giveaway date: 25th May.(So you need to particiapte before 25th of May)


NOTE: I do not intent to encourage anyone to invest, DYOR before investing, My sole purpose is to provide the required information to my readers. (And yes those who wish to earn without investment, Yes you can . Do play the bird game, which provides you some free sats. And you also can grab free miner if you are a new user)


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