Play2earn gaming report (6): Upgrading to Petal Island & other updates

By borgminer | borgminer | 18 Apr 2024

Hi, if you are first time on my blog I'm Borgminer and I love play2earn blockchain games and I also post about my playing and earning experience.

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Here is the list of play2earn games I'm playing right. Some of them I play on regular basis and some just very casual, it all depends on my assessment how much profit I can make.

REALM (wax blockchain)
RISINGSTAR (hive blockchain)
STARDOM (hive blockchain)
VEGGIES FARM (binance smart chain)
CLASHDOME (wax blockchain)

Upgrading to Petal Island & other updates

Let's start with the game I've been playing most in the last couple of days and that's Sunflower Land. Version 2 of the game is up and running with many interesting updates.

One of the biggest changes is introducing to in-game coins. Those are not crypto currency coins, just game tokens which can be bought for SFL token but you can't sell it. This means the only way to earn SFL is by completing the tasks or selling crops.



As you can see got Gold Pass few days ago basically for free :)I've upgraded to Petal Island and started from beginning, small island at first but now already expanded twice. I'm still learning how to use all the features, game is so rich in every aspect you can't catch up on everything to quickly.

One thing which is in my focus is getting as much coins as possible by finishing the tasks since I don't have much SFL right now and it's too expensive to buy coins with SFL. For 1 SFL you get 160 coins, for 30 SFL you get 8640 and for 200 SFL tokens you get 64000 coins. The more you buy it's cheaper off course.



It's a bit overcrowded for now because I've transferred a lot of items from the old island and haven't expanded enough. New things I got for now are bee hive and 4 tree spots.

Now I can grow apples, oranges, blueberry and banana. They are not cheap. For 10 apples you can get 0.75 SFL. Current SFL token price is $0.11!

In Mintopoly I've decided to sell my 2 Military Bases for around 5 Matic each, placed on market and waiting for buyer. I'm also harvesting resources to be able to mint (for free) my 6th Base. Haven't withdraw anything from the game recently.




In Realm this season I'm trying to buy as much equipment NFTs as possible, off course like with all other games I'm playing I'm only re-investing nothing comes from the outside.

When there was possibility to exchange WAX and HIVE I did use earnings from one chain game and I was investing to other but now it's like my playing efforts are completely divided.

This season in Realm lasts until middle of May so there's a lot of time to upgrade Leaders NFTs. Hope I'll get at least one 4 stars Leader. My highest ones right now are 3 star Pacifist and 3 star Scientists both level 11.

I'll open South America in 2 days so we'll see how that goes.

Thank you for reading

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