Daihatsu Sirion - waxing lyrical

By Lawnmower | Bootstrap Automotive | 22 Aug 2022

A parcel arrived for me earlier, what's inside?

ah-HA! two cans of Dynax UB aerosol wax for the rear half of the Daihatsu, excellent. After using their S50 cavity wax a year ago I knew what I was letting myself in for, so duly put on my most grotty jeans and my overalls because it goes everywhere. These cans come with stubby extension squirter nozzle which really helped!


This is the area above the fuel tank which is utterly inaccessible once the tank is on, so was a priority. I had previously rubbed down and vactan'd this, though the metal was actually mostly sound under here.




I got a bit of overspray on the exhaust which I shall clean off with some old rags and petrol because I can imagine it smells lovely* if allowed to burn off naturally!


This is the view up inside the passenger side wing where the fuel cap fits to the (new) filler neck. Again, this is 100% inaccessible once the filler neck is on, so was worth cleaning back the surface rust, vactan'ing and waxing the whole lot thoroughly.


I also gave a light coat to the top of the fuel tank/crushing weight of death - its probably fine after being cleaned back with a wire brush, Vactan'd, zinc primer'd multiple times and painted with several layers of black enamel paint, but it was out anyway and easy to blow over.

I'll let all this dry for a couple of days - the solvent will evaporate over time, leaving a self-healing layer of brown wax everywhere which will stop it corroding more, and also inhibit any rust that I missed with the Vactan session. Once its dried off nicely I'll wipe the overspray off the exhaust with a petrol-soaked rag, then refit the fuel tank and filler neck, plus all the connectors and slop some petrol in and make sure it works still!

I'm pretty pleased with all of that, the wax made a giant mess again and I had to clean my hands and forearms with petrol and a rag but its a good job out of the way.

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