2001 Mercedes C-Class Star Emblem Replacement

2001 Mercedes C-Class Star Emblem Replacement

By Lawnmower | Bootstrap Automotive | 31 Aug 2021

Fresh from the MOT I decided that I had cash to burn and wanted to make some final cosmetic improvements. As with so many Mercedes' some joker has snapped the star off the bonnet, leaving the circular chrome plinth with a grotty hole in the middle. I looked on ebay and found a chap in Belgium selling genuine emblems for £9 delivered, which was cheaper than i could get one of the flat roundel ones, so I splashed out on it. I duly arrived last Tuesday and I set to today in the sunshine to fit it.

Behold my grotty hole


I popped the bonnet and furkled around underneath to get the old base out. Its sort of a bayonet fitting, you fit the whole thing through the bonnet then twist a collar around to secure it in place. Here is the old one removed


Leaving an even-worse looking hole in the bonnet. It was all encrusted with mud and moss so i cleaned it out with a rag


Then unboxed the new star which to my astonishment was made of actual metal, not the sort of plastic reserved for Tesco Value Christmas cracker toys


This was refitted without any issue - it clips into the bonnet hole, then you twist the collar round to clamp it into position. Here it is now, looks pretty good I think?


How long until some other joker nicks it, or I impale a dozy pedestrian on it?

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