Captain Sinbad

By Namsu | Book Reviews by Namsu | 9 Sep 2021

Published: 1980
Author: Graham Diamond
Genres: Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller, Romance


Like a lot of kids and even grownups, I was and am in love with captain Sinbad’s character and watched all the movies that came out with the name “Sinbad” in its title. This book is about captain Sinbad and his adventures but it is a little different than what you read about him before this or up until this point. The writer did a great job of portraying captain Sinbad the way we all love to see him in movies or read about him in the books.
All the characters in this book feel real and you are going to feel for all of them. One of the characters is a frog and I am sure you’ll fall in love with it and feel for it as a best friend and are going to care for it as well. So be ready for the ride of your life with captain Sinbad and get the book to read about this adventure full of action, romance, magicians, magic, curses, sea, a hint of satire and humor.
The story is fast paced and well written, you are going to spend a quality time while reading this book. Easy to read and fun to imagine in the back of your head. It was something new in the way it was written and style felt different than a normal book of this genre. Simply great and exciting read.
“His greatest adventure, and greatest test…
Nearly two centuries before Marco Polo’s travels to Cathay, there lived in the fabled city of Baghdad the famed rogue and adventurer Sinbad.
Tales spoke of the mighty Captain Sinbad: adventurer, soldier, poet, and mariner.
When Sinbad washes up on the shores of Pansa, it is surely a good sign for the young women of the village. As the handsome and mysterious stranger recovers, he is begged of a particular beauty to recall his adventures and what led him to this point.
But his travels have not been without trouble.
Driven from home and the arms of his beloved Scheherazade, Sinbad has become an outlaw voyaging across the Seven Seas.
The corrupt Caliph of Baghdad has taken Sinbad’s love to be his wife, and now Sinbad must flee for his life.
But soon, he learns of a magical flower, the Red Dahlia, that grants a wish to the person who crushes it.
What follows is a daring journey as Sinbad sails from Jaffa to Damascus on his quest to find the mythical Red Dahlia. With a cast of crewmembers aboard his ship, Captain Sinbad must make his way through hell or high water, and on his adventure he will encounter things he never thought possible…
Nothing will stand in his way.
Captain Sinbad is a gripping mythical fantasy adventure set in the medieval Middle East.”
I wanted to give it a 90 or 95 rating because some people may not like it just to show “class” to other “classy people,” but then, I remembered this novel is for the fans of Sinbad so why not give it points that a fan is supposed to give to a book that is basically written as fan service to the fans.
Rating: 100/100
Recommended: 100/100 YES.
Buy the book here. If the link is not working, then copy and paste it into your browser:
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