Book of Life

By Slasher__ | Book of Life | 17 Apr 2021

This is a tough topic, not everyone has same understanding of life, that's what makes our experience of it unique and worth living for. But let's not lie to ourself not everyone's life is all flowers and roses and i understand that. That's why i will talk about my experience and understanding so far as i have so much more time to spend living. As a kid you you have dreams of the life you want, but with time those dreams fade away. Most people never notice they gave up their dream and settled for way less then what they hoped for. Because life is a battlefield you fight the world but the most important person you have to fight is yourself and never give up no matter how hard it gets. The point of life is not to be rich of successful. The point of life is to be happy. Money can buy you stuff that makes you happy but that's not true happiness. You need to be happy without it all. This sounds like some guru stuff but it's true. There will always be people or situations that will push you down or make you stop but the key is to never give up no matter how hard it gets. You will bleed, you will cry, you will smile, you will grieve all of that will pass, what you need is to feel and not be afraid of it let the emotions run through you. It will be hell i can tell you that but that's no reason to give up, yes emotions can be strong and it will hurt but that's what it means to be alive. You need to feel. In today's day and age not many people do. But at one point you will break and that's certain because no one can contain emotion. The one with no emotion is a walking corpse. These days i can see it in people's eyes that they are dead and have been for a long time. They have dead will, they no longer struggle life, no longer want to be happy, they only want for one thing and that is for time to go faster. But time has its own rhythm and never listens to anyone. We have very limited time to spend and we have to search for our life meaning it will take decades until we find it or we may never find it because we get tired and give up. Humanity's potential lies in its ability to grow and change but every change requires time. You can be world class pianist but you will spend a decade studying and trying to reach the top, you can be surgeon but it will take years of practice to become good surgeon, you can be painter but it will take time before you are known. But everything in life doesn't depend on us there will be people who will put pressure on you that it's to hard, that you will never make it. But the worst kind is those who wish you all the best and in secret hope you fail. Because they never made their dream possible and want others to fail. That's called human nature and people need to beware of it, not every friend wishes you the best. What we need is to live and not be puppets that eat, work and wait for death. One time while i was on vacation in a beautiful garden i sat there with my eyes closed, listened, felt. I was at peace and one you know how that feels you will start searching for it and never settle for less. Time waits for no one. Make it all count so at the end in your final days you look back and say i regret nothing. 

Thank you all for reading and i wish you all a good day.

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Book of Life
Book of Life

My experiences of life, work, opportunity, scams and much more.

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