How to stay safe in Discord

By Bogdanel | Bogdanel | 22 Apr 2019

Hello all,

most cryptocurrencies have a discord page for chat , announcements and things like that. That's very nice , but there's also a lot of badly intentioned persons, who want to scam and take your sensitive information.

Discord is aware of "impersonators" but they can't do anything at this moment.

Let me explain how it works.

When you create a discord username you get your username and after it #1234 ( a number).


Example : 

Let's say John is admin of his page Johnland.

His username is John#001 but on discord chat page it will appear only as John.

another guy is making a new account and see that John is most trustable person , and decide that he want to scam some people , so it will take his name his avatar picture and we will have 2 John's. If you don't pay attention and bad John contacts you via DM , you might be SCAMMED. Why? Simple , John who contacted you is not John#001 is John#012345 .


What you can do :

1. Go to settings and check Keep me safe


But this won't help so much, but it will keep you somehow safe.

If you are new on a discord server better for you is to find out from beginning who is admin/moderator/ member of team and do this :



Doing this , when someone will contact you via DM you will see your note . if is REAL your note will be there, if is impersonator, that NOTE won't be there , so you might be scammed if you give any sensitive information to him !!


Stay safe and for sure no member of any team will contact you via DM asking you for sensitive information and things like that!


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