"But how do you make money with Crypto? I just don't get it!"

By BlueSkyCrypto | BlueSkyCrypto | 29 Aug 2020

I get asked this question by a lot of people every time I make a post or share some information. There is a variety of ways to earn an income in Cryptocurrency, you just have to DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

Always, Always do your own research! It may not be the wild wild west days of 2016 or 2017 but there are still the odd lawless gold diggers out to steal your coins through fancy platforms and claims of "ultra high interest rates", strange pyramid type multilevel matrix systems and so on. However the Crypto community has grown and evolved, experienced users are likely spot the site/system and share its dirty little secrets to vast networks of other like-minded individuals within the Cryptosphere, and put a stop to their shenanigans!

So, with all this scary stuff out there what do we do? We.... research, investigate!

Read the whitepaper, look over the website and review the development team. Understand what the crypto/blockchain does or will do.

Does it solve a real world problem? If it does, then what is it and how many people appear to be in support of the project?

Is the coin listed? If so, on which exchanges?

What can i do with the coin while the project continues to grow?

These and many more questions need to be asked when it comes to making money with a Cryptocurrency. At this stage of the ecosystem, it is essentially still speculation for the most part whether a coin will increase in value. Sure, some technical analyses can help and knowing the general sentiment of the public on a specific coin but really, we are still in the very early stages of cryptocurrency and Blockchain adoption.

Lastly, or firstly, depending entirely on you, how do you want to earn with this particular coin?

Do you plan to HODL in hopes of a serious value increase?

would you like to STAKE the coin and earn a daily accumulation of the coin itself?

Perhaps you simply want to buy low and sell it high exchanging for a stable coin in between?

Do you want to hold your own Crypto and keep your keys safe or will you entrust a third party application to store your coins for higher returns?

All these questions will lead you down different paths, all of which are, or could be the right one for you.

Now that we have all of our knowledge at the ready! It's time to make a choice, to pick the coin or coins and do what you will with them!

SIDENOTE **** Something to keep in mind or ask yourself whether new to Cryptocurrency or a long time Veteran, especially a long time veteran would be "how can i help the ecosystem grow?" The answer to this, though many will refute and despise the comment is that we need to both open up and accept the lack of control of our own private keys in some instances to help these third party Dapps, platforms and creations get to market for the general public.

We alone cannot make this happen, we need big names, big money and big companies using the blockchain!

One company I have personally chosen to promote by using their services is Celsius Network. This company, man o man... they inspire, they are transparent, dedicated and relentless in their pursuit to help people as they say, "unbank themselves".

Alex Mashinsky - CEO of Celsius.Network is an unstoppable force. The man created V.O.I.P, I mean he gave us free phone calling... Now he is offering up M.O.I.P!! That's right, Money Over Internet Protocol or "free banking". The new way of moving money around the world. I remember seeing and hearing about this man in my youth for the things he had accomplished so I felt it safe to assume he is about to hit another big home run in the next era of technology and internet protocols.

I honestly cannot explain my excitement when it comes to this company. Alex has done a lot for freedom in communication, I am 100% positive this company will not only thrive but i believe they will lead the pack going forward when it comes to trust companies.

What is Celsius.Network - Celsius.Network is a company that has provided us with an app in the form of the Celsius wallet. This wallet can hold 15 or more popular currencies and each one will provide a different interest rate for return. What sets Celsius apart is the business model and how much they pay back out as opposed to keeping for themselves.

They have some of the highest interest rates offered, insurance, huge partners and their own native token the CEL. When you hold CEL token you increase the amount of interest you can earn on all assets including CEL token. You may also choose to earn interest in the deposited coin or can opt in to collect CEL token from all assets in order to build up your holdings and earn higher rates. Absolutely incredible, please take the time to check it out. 

I will post a link below this is a referral link and does return a bonus to me should you decide to take advantage of what they offer.

The bonus will also include a $20 bonus for signup after a $200.00 deposit has been made and kept for a minimum of 30 days! For an addition $20 bonus comment below before you deposit and I will give you an additional code :)

App to date is only for MOBILE DEVICES as Alex's goal is to reach the masses and the newcomers. Help us bring the next 100 million users into Cryptocurrency with Celsius.Network!

Celsius.Network link is in the resource tab below :) 

For ways to earn FREE Bitcoin and many other top cryptocurrencies, check out my website - www.blueskycrypto.ca/freebtc 



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