BSCG - Official Bitcoin Prediction for End of 2020 +

By BlueSkyCrypto | BlueSkyCrypto | 9 Oct 2020

Bitcoin has been slightly unpredictable lately so we were not going to do this. However, it's always good to test your skills and compare with past results.

So here is our prediction for Bitcoin by the End of 2020. This predication will be based off of our experience, research, charting and general public sentiment.


By December 31st 2020 we predict Bitcoin will be worth between


LOW - $16,810.00 USD


HIGH - $21,416.99 USD


How it happens:

Currently Bitcoin is trading at $11,058.09  Looking at the chart we see a heavy drop when Bitcoin reaches $11,700.00. We are hoping to see a quick sell off bringing Bitcoin down to around $8833.00 - $9149.86. 

From $8833.00 a hard rebound and new high pushed to around $14,294.00 followed by some sideways action pushing the limit closer to $15,000.00  with another short drop maybe $2500 - $3500 in value lost.

After this last fall we believe Bitcoin will continue a solid Bull run to a new high for this year at least. 

If this high is achieved before Christmas we will more than likely see bigger sell off's then we projected.

It's a little difficult to pick a specific value for Bitcoin after Christmas, Covid has certainly affected how many people will be shopping this year but what does that mean for Crypto? We have seen in previous years massive sell off's before the holidays for obvious spending money but will it be the same this year with no gatherings and limited shopping?


Too many variables so we will make a prediction for Dec 18th instead. As of December 18th we believe Bitcoin will be valued at


With the holidays coming up it's really hard to be optimistic about a new all time high this year but for 2021 we are super Bullish on Bitcoin and feel that we will easily see new all time highs throughout the year.


Prediction for 2021 - $23,828.07

Prediction for 2022 - $51,442.04

BlueSkyCrypto has already predicted 2023 to be the year of Cryptocurrency! Our Prediction for BTC - $131,300.00

Once this high is reached during mass adoption there will be a huge sell off. From that sell off Bitcoin will become very rare, scarce and expensive. 2025 we predict Bitcoin will be worth at a minimum $302,000.00 per coin


The Million Dollar Bitcoin will be reached between the years 2036 - 2040


There you have it, these are our predictions for the Bitcoin Market from today forward. We will post and check in on the progress every 30 days.

Thanks for reading, following and being awesome! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Coining.


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