Invitation.Codes – Get more Referrals and Traffic – collect and share all your referral codes in one place. Fast and simple! Get more traffic and earn money.

Invitation.Codes – Get more Referrals and Traffic

By bluekasumi | bluekasumi | 2 Jun 2020

Hello everyone,

I want to introduce the platform "" to you, that will make it much easier for you to organize and share all your referral links in one place and create actual traffic and more referrals for you!

What is

"" is like a library of referral programs – many of which you might already be familiar with. The Basic information and explanation of each project is already available, but you can still customize your text to make it more attractive for your followers.

Speaking of followers – "" is also a community-driven platform. By following others, you can discover new referral programs, that you can than use and promote yourself. Everyone can add new websites and also make suggestions to already existing entries. This way the site remains up-to-date and new projects can be added and shared quickly.

How it creates more traffic for your referral links

How will increase traffic to your referral links.

What you need to do?

You only need to add your referral link for each project. It will than be displayed on your personal page and on the individual projects pages.

On the project pages only a limited number of referral links will be shown and with every page load the members and/or order will randomly change – this is to ensure that everyone has the same chance to get his link clicked.

Over time the public visibility of your links will decrease (except on your personal page) and as a free account you can only repost 1 link per month. To get more reposts you need to upgrade to a pro plan. You can do so either by purchasing it or by collecting credits for completing various simply tasks. Start with a $20 bonus by signing-up now.

They also have an extension for our beloved BRAVE Browser to make adding new links really simple.

I hope this article is helpful for you! If so please leave a like / tip / comment! :)
Thanks for reading!

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