How I passively earn $20 in Bitcoin and you can too

By bluekasumi | bluekasumi | 25 Apr 2022

Hello guys,

I will show you one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash in Bitcoin without so much more as having an internet connection.
I will guide you through every step to make to most out of this opportunity.
Don’t worry, it’s very simply and straightforward and won’t take much time to set up.

Let’s get started!

Step 1.
Sign up at honeygain and and claim a claim $5 starter bonus gift.
After you signed up you can download the honeygain app for each of your devices directly from the site –
it’s available for PC, Macbook, Android Phone and Tablet, iPhone and iPad.

LINK: Sign-up at honeygain an get a $5 starter bonus gift!


Step 2.
Let the app do it’s work
in the background. You can just use your devices as usual and won’t notice any differences.
Pro-tip: Open the app once per day and claim a random bonus that will pop-up each day.


Step 3.
Be patient.
The miminum amount you need to reach to cash out is $20. Once you reach this threshold you’ll see the request payout button.
In the next steps I will show you how to successfully cash out Bitcoin.


Step 4.
Time to cash out.
The request payment button will lead you the payment options. If you prefer, you can get your payment in USD directly to your Paypal account or in JumpToken (JMPT). In my case, I will show you how to get paid in Bitcoin.


Step 5.
Enter the Bitcoin address of your crypto wallet. Make sure everything is correct. You will receive a verification code to your e-mail in the next step.
Once you entered the verification code the payment procedure will be completed.


Step 6.
Finally you will receive your Bitcoin after around 5 business days in your crypto wallet. Pro-tip: You don’t need to cash out immediately once you reach the $20 treshhold. You can just keep earning and request payment whenever the Bitcoin price is at a low to maximise your earnings.

LINK: Sign-up at honeygain an get a $5 starter bonus gift!

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