Zodiac Sign

My Zodiac Sign

By BlueFlipper | BlueFlipper | 12 Jul 2022

Zodiac Sign

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful…that’s what matters to me.”
― Steve Jobs

Hello to all Beautiful Publish0x Family! How are you? Sorry I was not able to publish again an article that was included in my 30 Days Challenge (one article/Day).You all know I am in Village so it becomes really tough to manage with internet speed and your time synchronized to your goals. Today I decided to close another chapter of my target for this month. It is all about,"My Zodiac Sign".

# What is Zodiac Sign?
An imaginary sign that revealed the paths of planets on ecliptic, divided into 12 constellations with each specific name and Symbol.

# My Zodiac Sign:
I born in 11th November when there were many good news in my country. So according to Zodiac Chart, Scorpio is a sign that represents and attributes to me according to astrological predictions. These all things are imagination and theoretical. But it gives some how similarities what I am. Following attributes I must have but unfortunately I am lacking of them. Anyway let me share anything for Scorpio and Let us see how much different I am.

# 1) Attractive:
I already have mentioned in my article I am beautiful no doubt 😂. So you can include me in list of attractive people 😉. This is very first sign that is true and I like it. I can remind my school life, when there was competition in beautiful Students of the school. I got first position and model with tag,"Al-Hemir Beauty Girl". Hemir is name of school where I started my education carrier.

# 2) Passionate:
This sign completely described to me. I am passionate and Optimistic. I can chase what I dreamt. It doesn't matter either my destination ends after first step or it ends after infinite steps. Believe me I failed three time in getting good admissions to Anatolia Universities. But I was passionate not hopeless about my future. It was fourth time when I was able to get my dreams true and I was able to get admissions in Medical Anatolia University.

# 3) Super Intelligent:
When I saw above words in my Scorpion attributes I was shocked because I am not super Intelligent. My mom many times scolded and punished me for not having brain for work. Last time when I was going to market and Autorickshaw driver charged me 20 Lira for 10 Kilometers Journey. I gave hime 20 Lira not asking anything. When I described it to my mother she smiled and said,

"BlueFlipper you are my green daughter who is unable to deal with routine activities properly 😂".

Forgive me, I don't know who put I am super Intelligent because I am totally reverse of this.

# 4) Intensive Individual:
These are individuals who left their impact on people for many years. I don't know again either I am intensive or Suppressive sort of individual because I even didn't have left a good impression in minds of my parents. I like to do what I like. Surely I don't like what will be reaction on my single action 😂. I think still many people like me due to this attitude.
# Final Thoughts:
Sometimes our zodiac signs helps us in understanding of a personality. If we want to make good relationship with a person then must know about his or her zodiac signs. Even if you want to make beautiful relation to me, I mentioned all attributes owned by my zodiac signs. Here I shall like to request to my all friends must write about their zodiac sign so that I shall be able to know about you also.
It is not essential each mentioned attribute in Zodiac sing must be in your life. But it gives hint so take them as a imagination. It is great fun for me to explore things about our personality.

Thanks for reading and supporting on my article.

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