Get to Know Tap Coin, Crypto Ecosystem Made by The Tap Project

By BlueACE | BlueACE | 7 Mar 2023

The Tap Project (TTT) is a blockchain-based project hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to provide unique solutions in the gaming world.

As reported by NewsBTC on Friday (3/3/2023), The Tap Project is set to become a full utility token that serves the entire gaming market.

Instead of having a bunch of old digital tokens for each game title or company, all in-game currency will be decentralized into one "game currency" which can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or even fiat money.

The TTT ecosystem has its own utility crypto called Tap Coin in place of in-game tokens. Tap Coin is used as a channel for monetization of such tokens.

Gamers will be able to transfer their hard-earned game coins into Tap Coins giving them access to the currency exchange market. In a way, TTT provides an incentive platform for gamers to earn rewards for playing their favorite games.

The Tap Project ecosystem consists of Game Developers, Gamers, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, and the Tap Project Network. The core relationship in the ecosystem is between TTT and Game Developers. By forming partnerships with Game Developers, a blockchain-based monetization framework can be created.

Tap Project believes that Game Developers have a lot to gain by partnering with them. Firstly, these Game Developers will increase exposure for their titles. This is something that is sorely missing in the market as many do not have the funds to execute rigorous advertising campaigns.


What is Tap Coin?

Tap Coin is the native currency of the Tap Project network. Tap Coin is an ERC20 standard token which means it is supported by a variety of wallet options and can function seamlessly on other Ethereum-based projects which is a remarkable percentage of all blockchain and cryptocurrency-based projects.

Tap Coin can be bought, sold, and exchanged for fiat money on cryptocurrency exchanges. The total supply of Tap Coin is limited to 1.5 billion tokens.

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