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By BlondiX | BlondiX ~ Ranty Pants | 21 Nov 2021

  • Wake up America! 

Nooo, I didn't say WOKE UP! 

WAKE UP!    Please... 

Rant pants are on... ✅ Check

Middle of the night... ✅ Check

Confused and saddened by the lack of equality in the world... ✅ Check


Going on a vigilante hunt with words... Yes... Here I go! 

I cannot comprehend how this happens in this day and age... I am sitting here mouth agape, literally. 😲 

I've just finished watching this sad investigation piece on YouTube, breaking down the Kenosha shooting and surrounding events that took place after the horrendous shooting of Jacob Blake in August 2020.

➕ RIP Jacob Blake ➕ 

Note: I fully support the BLM Movement and stand in solidarity. I myself am lily white, so much so that I either glow in the dark like a Casper ghost or you could possibly see through my legs they're almost translucent. With my typical blonde hair and blue/green eyes, I have mega tonnes of white privilege and I will never be able to fully comprehend what it is to be a POC. I acknowledge this and hope to only offer support and love, while continuing to attempt to educate myself by listening.

Thankyou 💜


That being said... 


The Kenosha shooting has been in the news recently because Kyle Rittenhouse's trial just ended...

After 27 hours of deliberation he was found not guilty, yep... not guilty... Unanimously NOT Guilty! Which is really hard to digest. 

And maybe, after having watched multiple angles of footage and researching the laws, technically by law he wasn't guilty.. But how insanely crazy is that? That he could be considered innocent in the eyes of the law after intentionally attending a rally with a firearm (illegally and after curfew). That's part of the problem though isn't it.. That the laws allowed this to happen? 


When will you wake up America? 

Here's the link to the most insightful and seemingly accurate description of the incident, I have been able to locate so far...

⚠ Warning Confronting footage. ⚠ 

🔗 YouTube Video link

Now, back to my rant... 

How can a 17 year old boy who legally cannot drink alcohol for another 4 years, turn up to an intentionally peaceful BLM protest/rights rally to "protect property" - a car dealership to be clear, while openly carrying a semi automatic Armalite Rifle??

For those who don't know - AR-15 Armalite Rifles are controversial for their use in multiple high profile mass shootings - more than ONE THIRD of which have taken place in the USA! And also for their popularity - the most beloved and vilified rifle in America - thanks to the National Rifle Association of America 🇺🇸 naming the AR-15 'America's Rifle' and also for the many petitions to ban and restrict the weapons use.

So, Kyle Rittenhouse was carrying, in public, (outside his local area - illegally and past curfew), while "protecting some random persons car dealership against what was a planned and intended to be peaceful BLM protest" he shot and killed two human beings and shot and severely injured a third (a volunteer paramedic), fleeing the scene of both incidents, he walked directly up to police with his hands raised while multiple people were telling them he had just shot people... And he DID NOT get arrested until the following day... Say wut now? 


Then at his recently concluded trial he was found 'not guilty' on six different charges... Say wut now? 2.0

Let's be real here for a minute... 

If Kyle were a POC, he would be in jail, locked up with the key thrown away and we all know that's the sad, horrible truth. If he were a POC he would have probably been shot and killed on site at the protests and if not he most certainly would have been arrested on the spot. 

The sad truth is that the above statements are probably way more accurate than any of us would like to believe. 


There are obviously many, many things wrong with this picture...


The main themes I see are a horrendous racial bias and inequality very much alive and well in the community and in Law Enforcement..

With a history in Law Enforcement I find this one of the hardest things to comprehend... Where's the integrity, the honour, the compassion and care? 

Law Enforcement - the protectors of the innocent, the fighters for truth, honor and justice... Those who SHOULD BE protecting the vulnerable and victimised with extra care... Not shooting them in the back...

8 times... 


And these gun laws? WTF America... Land of the free? 

I think not... 

Don't even get me started on the anti abortion laws... That's for another rantypants! 


These laws that allow juveniles and adults alike the rights of open carrying, with no permits and no weapons training, with free and easy access extremely dangerous firearms. How is this 2021? How is there not at least some kind of age restriction? 

2020 wasn't a Clint Eastwood Wild West shoot-out! 

You can carry a semi automatic weapon, openly in public, untrained... But you are not responsible enough to drink a beer or buy a pack of smokes...



I've mentioned American gun laws before... As a trained professional in the handling and use of various weapons and firearms, I have first hand experience with these types of weapons. I truly just cannot get my head around these American laws. 

Kids in our world are taught by example, I was taught by example and most people I know were.. Unless you had the good old "do as I say and not as I do" in which case, you still learnt by example... Of what not to do! 😂

In all seriousness though, I often hear the saying

"Guns don't kill people, people kill people"

From the pro gun camps... Whenever I hear this I feel like standing up abruptly on any nearby table and giving a slow clap...

Yes, the statement is technically true... (Just like Kyle's not guilty verdict is technically correct....) 


But some context if I may...

If guns:


- DO NOT require adequate locked 🔒 storage in a separate location from ammunition. 



- DO NOT require a valid reason for a Permit/Licence, 

- DO NOT have reasonable AGE RESTRICTIONS, 




This kind of easy access to guns validates the theory that a gun doesn't pull its own trigger...



Whether it intentional or accidental, the more accessible lethal weapons are, the more likely people are to use them.

So, tell me about that "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" theory again...


I am not anti guns. I personally believe that they have their place in the world in many surprising ways. I do however, understand and respect those who are anti gun, and acknowledge that they have a fair argument.

My stance? I believe that the average Joe shouldn't have access to a firearm to walk down the street. 

Join a shooters club if you're so into guns. But what possible reason could anyone have to carry a gun down a populated city street, anytime day or night?


Unless the zombie apocalypse is upon us... Then and only then.. 

Guns should be used by highly trained, authorised, licenced and competency tested persons for specific tasks. They should be registered with the relevant authorities to each individual owner and stored in an armoury OR in high security, authorised lockable gun safes, with ammunition stored in a separate location. Training should be mandatory and age restrictions and licensing restrictions should also apply. Different weapon types should also have restrictions based on the type of licence a person qualifies for and requires for a legitimate purpose. 


And now... I've ranted my pants off. 

Again, these are only my opinions and I dare not force any of my views on to others, that's not my jam.. by all means please comment and share your thoughts if you agree or disagree but please be respectful.

Healthy discussion and debate can grow knowledge and enhance wisdom. I admit that I am always striving to expand my knowledge and morph into a wise old OWL!

🦉 HOOT! HOOT! 🦉 


Thank you for joining me.. 

Time to put my bed time pants on and catch some Zzz's! 

Pretty sure I'm going to have that flying dream again tonight! 

Yes! 🤜 ⛽ 

I might even write about it... 

✌️ + 💜


~ Blondi X 💋 💋 




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