Introducing Hurricane NFT, 1st Avalanche based cross-chain NFT marketplace and DeFi

By Harsimran Kaur | Blogs | 28 Mar 2022


NFT market is booming, cross-chain NFT asset trading and DeFi has become a huge trend. Introducing Hurricane NFT, the first cross-chain marketplace and DeFi solution on Avalanche.

Developed by the leading DEX team on Avalanche, Hurricane NFT has 3 main parts, including marketplace, certificate, and DeFi platform.

Hurricane NFT marketplace allows users to trade NFTs on any chain in one single platform, saving a lot of time and fee/swapping cost. It will support multiple chains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Fantom, Polygon, etc.

Furthermore, Hurricane NFT includes the following solutions for their participants:

  •  The NFT certificate system. It allows multi-chain NFT assets to easily be bridged from multi-chain to one chain, so that low gas fees, fast trading multi-chain NFTs with single-chain crypto, and high liquidity of NFT assets can be realized.
  • NFT DeFi applications, including fragmentation, lending, fixed interest, options, and other DeFi instruments.

Also, Hurricane NFT will also be fully governed by DAO and share platform benefits to DAO members. It allows them:

  • Make transactions with fee discounts;
  • Take access to dividends from platform transaction fees by staking $NHCT;
  • Voting for the use of the promoting banners on the website;
  • Take part in a whitelist for a new collection series that has an initial supply on Hurricane NFT;
  • Use Yield farming with HCT rewards by providing liquidity for NHCT trading pairs.

The Hurricane NFT DAO token $NHCT will be launched soon, and listed in many exchanges.

With proven cross-chain technology and infrastructure on Avalanche and innovation on DAO-driven mechanism, HurricaneNFT is aiming to become the new challenger to NFT marketplace leaders, such as Opensea.

Find more details from HurricanesNFT on the following links:

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