GameFi platform Game X Change has announced a partnership with Notable AAR studio forwARdgame.

By Harsimran Kaur | Blogs | 14 Mar 2022


29f07c4985222659eb6a61b739e983b5366de17248871e33cd463960fa70b634.pngThe Game X Change team has announced a partnership with forwARdgame, a game development studio with a mission to bring the connected generation back to playing active games in the real world.

forwARdgame aims to bring active AR to the world, where people freely interact with AR by physically moving, blending the real and the virtual metaverse. They describe this form of play as Active Augmented Reality. They develop their mobile games to be social, complex, evolving and diverse, played outdoors through physical activity. forwARdgame will be the first of its kind to bring AAR to the blockchain space with the latest Game X Change Partnership. 

forwARdgame boasts notable partnerships such as Qualcomm, Snapchat, Nonvoice, Deutsche Telekom, WWT and Nreal. The partnership with Game X Change will bring one of their latest undisclosed titles to the Game X Change platform allowing in-game currency conversion into the AAR Metaverse. 

Game X Change is a Binance Smart Chain global gaming platform that allows users to securely and easily move game currencies and NFTs from one platform, game, or blockchain to another. Game X Change building technology solutions and infrastructure that bridge the gap between traditional games by using the blockchain technology allowing developers a simple process to transition into the blockchain space. Allowing developers to innovate through the use of in-game currency and NFT assets. Creating a trustless, reliable, and secure solution backed by blockchain technology.       

Game X Change offers participants the following interaction options:

  • Importing in-game NFTs into integrated games for use.  Collect NFT’s and virtual assets that can be used in various gaming titles.
  • The purchase of NFT game passes for connected Steam games such as PUBG, Rocket League, Destiny 2, CSGO, GTA V, The Witcher, Rust, and others with the ability to convert the resulting achievements into $GXP and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Purchasing limited-time affiliate NFTs in the Game X Change Marketplace. Users are able to purchase items from the Marketplace using $GXP and Fiat Tokens when it is created.
  • Holders are able to stake their $GXP in order to receive rewards. Users are able to stake NFTs backed by $GXP for exclusive items and tokens. Staking rewards will be issued weekly. 
  • Game X Change provides the tools and technology that allow game developers to incorporate the benefits of NFT/Blockchain gaming into their games by creating digital assets and currency.

If you are interested in Game X Change project, you can learn more about them on official resources:

About forwARdgame 

Founded in 2017 and based in Berlin, forwARdgame’s mission is to bring the connected generation back to playing active games in the real world. Their vision is a world where real and virtual blend, where people play anywhere, freely interacting with AR. There is no doubt that AR is the future of gaming and AR glasses will allow players to step into a game and truly feel part of it. forwARdgame’s truly immersive games perform best with 5G and edge computing.

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