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By KMatt | Blogging Crypto | 12 Sep 2023

Despite the premise and almost certain approval of Spot ETFs from Grayscale, BlackRock and others, the cryptocurrency market did not react as expected.

The market has heavily underestimated the impact of BTC Spot ETFs, according to K33 Research, it is a great opportunity for strategic positioning in view of an October full of events that will move the market. To name a few, oct 11 deadline ETH Futures from Volatility Shared, oct 13 SEC deadline to request a Grayscale rehearing, oct 16 Deadline ETH from Bitwise, Roundhil, VanEck and others, oct 17 Second deadline BTC ETP trusts from BlackRock, Fidelity and others.

Therefore, according to Lunde and Helseth, it is almost reckless not to accumulate BTC at such a time. It remains to be remembered that US and ECB inflation data will be published this week and the markets expect them to rise, which would most likely cause a rise in interest rates.

What is sure is that we need patience and check news everyday.

Are you accumulating BTC in anticipation of such events? Write it below in the comments!

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Blogging Crypto
Blogging Crypto

Blogging crypto

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