Ark Invest Sells Coinbase and GBTC Shares

By KMatt | Blogging Crypto | 7 Dec 2023

In a strategic move that reflects market dynamics, *Ark Invest liquidated Coinbase and GBTC shares with a total value of approximately $50 million, including 237,572 Coinbase shares ($33.3 million). A transaction that represents one of the most significant daily divestments in Ark Invest this year.

Coinbase shares have surged 10% in the past week and 67% in the past month, the highest level since April 2022 but still below 60% of its all-time high recorded in November 2021.

As for GBTC, Ark Invest liquidated 168,127 shares worth approximately $5.9 million which follows previous sales of GBTC shares totaling more than $12 million.
The latter have recorded a surge of 30% in the last month, partly reflecting the increase in the price of Bitcoin.


Ark Invest's investment decisions are in line with evolving market dynamics.
Reducing exposure to Coinbase and GBTC reflects a meticulous approach to risk management and capital allocation.
Ark Invest's purchase of Robinhood shares further diversifies its portfolio and demonstrates its ability to adapt to the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape.

*Ark Invest is an American investment company founded in 2014 and focuses on long-term equity investments in innovative sectors, such as technology. health, energy and more, with approximately $6.71 billion in assets under management (July 2023).



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