Games I played when I was kid (who am I lying to, I still do :D)

By Bibana | Bloggerwoman in an attempt | 21 Jan 2024

Gamers and nostalgics, welcome to my favorite video games corner. 



Before my sister and I got our first computer, back in 2006,
we played Crash Bandicoot on Sony Playstation all day long. 

One of my favorites, that's why I put it in the very first place here. *-*


I was and will always be crazy about this cutest ninja guy. Even now, from time to time
I install it on every possible computer & play play play.

It's a N game, but I assume that many of you already know that. <3

Inspector Parker

A special place in my heart, like Hercule Poirot when it comes to series,

is occupied by Inspector Parker. Have you ever played it?

DX ball

Well known bricks break DX-ball game and many sleepless nights in order to rise

above the others on the score table. :D


There's no need to write the name itself; I mostly played Most Wanted and Carbon,
and was so crazy that I copied the lists of opponents in my notebook so I could

cross them out when I defeat them, hihi. Sony was first named in the first part, right? :D


It's really bad that this masterpiece has no sequels. I downloaded some others I

found, but they are not even close to the original. Maybe someday they will release

part 3 for us nostalgics. *-*


The first part of The Sims will forever remain the best part, no matter how many

new ones they release now, it'll never have the charm that the first one had

and still has! <3


Remember that characteristic sound when the MINICLIP logo pops up when 

entering the game? Loved all of them, all that I had back then burdned on a CD

which circulated among all friends and relatives. *-* This one is Aqua Energizer.


~ In order not to go on with a pointless story, I will just mention more of them here:

  • Shrek 1 & 2
  • Resident Evil 1
  • Zed
  • Pocket Tanks
  • Cyber Mice
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Santa Claus in Trouble
  • Rosso Rabbit in Trouble
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Bubble Trouble
  • Crypt Raider
  • .......

You continue if you want something to add and I bet you want. *-* :D

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Bloggerwoman in an attempt
Bloggerwoman in an attempt

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