Which country will have the highest bitcoin hash rate?

Which country will have the highest bitcoin hash rate?

By HMP | Blogger PH | 7 May 2020

According to Cambridge global hashrate research, the distribution of bitcoin hashrate in each region.

The Cambridge University global bitcoin hashrate study is taken from a variety of sources, including some of today's large pools such as ViaBTC, Poolin and BTC.com..

Part of the hash power lies in China
Not surprisingly, the majority of hash power is concentrated in China, with 65.08% of the global total.

Because most of the major bitcoin mining companies are located in China.

* Hashrate can be called Hash (Hash) is a measure of the computing power of equipment used to mine Bitcoin *.

In the US this figure is only 7.24%, followed by Russia at 6.90%, Kazakhstan with 6.17%, Malaysia with 4.33% and Iran with 3.82%.

A third of the hash rate is located in Xinjiang China
Xinjiang China is currently a hot spot for bitcoin hashrate, as the majority of hash rates are concentrated here, which is also one of the areas where most of the bitcoin mining companies are concentrated.

Xinjiang currently accounts for 35.76%, followed by Sichuan with 9.66%, followed by Mongolia 8.07%, Yunnan with 5.42% and Beijing with 1.73%.

With Bitcoin Halving approaching, the global hashrate has been pushed to a high level in recent days. Some analysts said "hashrate is directly proportional to the price of bitcoin".

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