Stocks to Buy During This Crisis Time

By litnworld | blog topic | 24 Feb 2022

When we think why do we buy stocks of a company t is because this company is going to flourish and in this hard times for the stock and company there is always some companies who benefit from these situations.That's right folks , the defence stocks are the one's that we should look right now since it is going to be a great year for these kind of companies (i don't agree with these wars but what can i do!) .
The first company is General Dynamics Corp. (NYSE: GDis a well-diversified defense contractor that has a strong market position in combat systems, marine systems, and mission-critical technologies. It also operates in the business sector where it provides a range of aviation products and aircraft services.
Second company is Raytheon Technologies Corp. (NYSE: RTX) has evolved into a jack-of-all-trades in the industrial sector, but its main focus is still the defense and aerospace markets. The more diversified business model of today stems from its 2020 merger with United Technologies which brought Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace into the mix.

Until  the situation get's worse u might look for these kind of stock because these are gonna go up with the oil and gas.

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