How to verify if a website it's a scam: some suggestions

How to verify if a website it's a scam: some suggestions

By yitxzw097 | blog of yitxzw097 | 7 Jul 2020

Crypto in the last 10 years has experienced such a growth in attention that several dedicated websites (faucet, PTC, mining etc.) have proliferated. In this "sea" of websites, however, you may run the risk of running into some malicious, so-called scammer. In the face of these subjects, many instruments of defense were born. But that doesn't mean that these scammers were born right after the launch of Bitcoin in 2008: such websites existed long ago.

That said, I'll bring back some of these instruments:

The Free Scam, Spam or Trust Website Analyzer Tool domains and websites informational database

Check if a Website is Legitimate or Scam | Scamvoid - Information About Every Site.

Free Whois Lookup - Whois IP Search & Whois Domain Lookup |

Find out if a website is safe to browse or to buy anything.


But stopping at these tools would not be enough: you also need to browse the reviews on the various Crypto forums and websites, such as the following:


Reviews and threads of this kind can also be found here, on Publish0x. A few examples:


We are always careful when we surf the Internet and the offline world. It is true that I have indicated these tools and websites/forums where we talk about whether X is scam or legit. But let's remember one important thing: the first "anti-scammer" is us. A bit like computer viruses: where you can have the best of the best, but if we are not careful, prudent viruses would have an easy life. In a similar way we could say it for the scams.






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blog of yitxzw097
blog of yitxzw097

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