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If you have been seriously wondering: "How to choose the right web hosting for your website?", then this article is for you. In this article you will learn how to choose the right web hosting for your website, because you need to take a very balanced approach to choosing a web hosting, because the type of web hosting will determine how much effort you will have to spend on website promotion in the future.

Web hosting is one of the factors that influence website promotion in search engines. At first glance, its role is not always noticeable, but inattention to the choice of hosting can become a spoke in the wheel that will significantly complicate the work of promoting your website.

So what indicators should you pay attention to in the first place?

Website loading speed

Website loading speed is one of the key indicators in search engine rankings, which directly affects promotion. Moreover, if a client has to wait a long time for a page to respond, he is likely to close the tab and go to a competitor's faster resource.

Indicator of continuous operation of the website server

Search engines periodically visit a website to check whether it is available to users. The more often the site is unavailable, the lower its position in the search results.

After renting a hosting service, you need to constantly monitor uptime, which is an indicator of website availability calculated as a percentage. Webmasters and providers would probably dream of 100% if it were possible. However, any equipment fails and requires maintenance, so no server can work for years without short periods of disconnection.

The optimal uptime is 99.9%. It may seem like a lot, but this figure assumes that the server is turned off for 8 hours and 45 minutes a year.

If the uptime is below 98%, websites hosted by this hosting have less chance of reaching the top.

Website security

Most websites are hacked because they are vulnerable. Data protection is primarily the responsibility of the webmaster, but it can also be done by the provider:

  • Provide security tools such as built-in antiviruses, as well as the ability to restore backups and SSL certificates.
  • Constantly update the software and maintain the latest versions of the software.


Backups are necessary! It is best to create an interval with automatic backups of all projects. Why do you need backups, you may ask? The answer is simple. The host may have a server crash, resulting in the loss of site data. Such problems can occur not only with hosting. If you don't have a copy of your site's content, data loss can cause significant damage to your entire operation.

Providers back up your website on a regular basis, but it is better to learn more about it.

If your resource is popular and regularly updated, it would be logical to perform backups every day. You may be able to set the operation to run on a scheduled nightly basis, when your site is the least busy. It is imperative that you establish a backup procedure and follow it strictly to ensure that good intentions are put into action.

The host uses SSD drives

Let's start with the fact that an SDD device allows you to develop the maximum speed of downloading information. SSD hosting has become a very popular and demanded service.

Advantages of web hosting with SSD:

  • due to the absence of moving parts, the degree of hosting
  • reliability increases
  • high data transfer speed
  • long service life of drives and low failure rate

Country of hosting provider's equipment location

Of course, the speed of a website largely depends on the geographical location of the server. Of course, if we are talking about Ukrainian websites, it is better to buy hosting within the country. However, many people buy hosters in the USA or Europe. The reason for this is the price. It seems that they are cheaper there.

Experts strongly recommend buying hosts in your own country. If there is a disagreement and it is decided to go to court, you will have a better chance of defending your rights in your country.

Technical support - competence and efficiency

A website should be up and running 24 hours a day, and so should the technical support of the hosting company. You may wonder why you need this. The answer is obvious. Imagine if something happened to your website and you have no backups, who will help you? Waiting for a day until you get an answer is not an option, especially when it comes to commercial projects.

Therefore, before choosing a web host for your website, research the provider's reputation, read user reviews, find out about its experience, reliability, and quality of technical support. Make sure the provider offers the features and services you need, such as data backup and DDoS protection.

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