Sustainability in the Blockchain Technology Era.

By mikitaly | BlocksPower | 13 Feb 2020



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In my posts I usually like to talk about the environment and find those projects that through Blockchain technology manage to improve our environmental impact and sustainability.

Also in this article I speak about SUSTAINABILITY, but from a broader point of view, because sustainability is not only environmental.

We can talk about sustainability when we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own.






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I wonder if it is still possible to achieve this goal today or has the future of the new generations already been compromised?

Being an optimistic person despite the chaos in which we live, I think I see a glimmer of hope thanks to Blockchain Technology which, in my opinion, now plays a key role.


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Blockchain if applied in the right way can help creating a more sustainable, fair and even green world.

It is clear that there must be a decisive turning point for governments around the world, ready to review and reset the way our societies, our economic and development system have been organized so far.

In short, we must change our old bureaucratic system and transform it into an innovative and digitized 3.0 system that can project us into a sustainable future in every sector.



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Why do I think Blockchain is the solution?

The main characteristics of the Blockchain, i.e. its decentralized nature, the immutability and the unequivocal traceability of the data, make it suitable for guaranteeing a system of transparency and responsibility applicable to any sector, mainly the institutional one.

But sometimes I think that its transparency is one of the reasons that slows down its use on a large scale, beeing able to fight inefficiencies, fraud, corruption.

But what does this transparency consist of?

The Blockchain can be used for any project that needs a shared database which will be a decentralized database, whose encrypted and immutable information will be stored on every computer on the network, therefore controlled by everyone.
The TRACEABILITY of the data ensures TRANSPARENCY: allows you to verify, guarantee the origin and movement of a data by tracing its entire path.

It is in this way that the foundations can be laid to create a relationship of TRUST between the parties involved.
A company and its customers, for example, but also government institutions and its citizens.

Since I like to dream big, I hope for an Universal Traceability thanks to the Blockchain that makes any product or data reliable, trustable in any country in the world.
How many problems could be solved?
A lot! Just think of the difficulty in controlling the food supply chain.

Unfortunately, traditional centralized data servers do not guarantee the same transparency as Blockchain-based registers.
Let's see an example on a delicate and current issue such as environmental sustainability.



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To date, it is difficult if not impossible to monitor our environmental impact and actually manage to reduce it because the data is not unchangeable but rather easily alterable, therefore it can happen that we declare data on our environmental impact that is not totally truthful.

It is with the Blockchain that we overcome this obstacle, because the companies that use this technology have the advantage of proving to be truly Green by creating a relationship of trust with its customers.
Blockchain allows you to uniquely extract, process and interpret the data that will be distributed on the network, therefore no longer manipulable and made available to everyone.

The role of the controller is no longer in the hands of a few but belongs to the community.



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I intrigued you a bit about the potential of the Blockchain and are you wondering why its use is so slow?

Unfortunately, it is a rather recent technology and its development depends on the few experts in the sector and therefore, at least in the immediate future, its mass adoption remains a mirage.
But the foundations have been laid by now and its potential cannot be ignored forever.
I am truly convinced that if we manage to make a change in our way of conceiving economic, commercial and social systems, it will be thanks to the Blockchain because it will allow us to achieve the sustainability that we need in our present but which will also improve the life of generations future.

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