8 Reasons to Embrace Artificial Intelligence.. according to ChatGPT!

By Rikolo | BlocksPower | 4 Sep 2023




These days, I am taking an interest in AI. It is a hot topic that makes people debate but at the same time passionate about it.

How can you not be intrigued by it?

We are in its infancy and it is a mind-boggling technology, let alone how it might evolve in the future.
Of course, there is an ethical component that should be explored in order to avoid the misuse of this technology.

But not in this article, because I wanted to approach this issue from ChatGPT's point of view to understand why we should embrace the AI.

And after interviewing ChatGPT and piecing together its enthusiastic responses, what follows is the result.

They came up with 8 fundamental points for using AI without hesitation and with confidence:

  • Outstanding Efficiency: AI is a master at automating tedious and repetitive tasks, freeing us from time-consuming tasks and allowing us to focus on more creative and meaningful activities.
  • Infallible Precision: AI algorithms are known for their surgical precision in analysing data and making decisions. Human error becomes a thing of the past.
  • Continuous Learning: AI can constantly learn and adapt to our needs, improving over time and becoming more and more useful.
    Advanced Data Analytics: With the ability to analyse large amounts of data, AI is an invaluable resource for extracting crucial and informed information.
  • Personalised Experiences: Thanks to AI, digital experiences become personalised. From movie suggestions to product recommendations, AI knows our tastes and preferences.
  • Accelerated Innovation: AI fuels innovation, driving the development of new technologies and applications that transform society and our daily lives.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing human error, AI helps reduce business costs, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Supporting Research and Blockchain: For those who love blockchain, AI offers valuable support in the research and development of advanced solutions, contributing to the evolution of this revolutionary technology.

In short, according to ChatGPT, the AI is a catalytic force that helps us work smarter, achieve better results and create a more promising future.

It concludes the interview with this phrase: it is time to fully embrace this extraordinary innovation.

Certainly, for the words of an artificial intelligence, there is a lot of enthusiasm typical of a human being.

In short, ChatGPT hasn't remained very neutral; it actually recommends embracing this extraordinary technology.

What do you think? Are we humanizing it too much?

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