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BlockDesk Ventures - Launch

By BlondiX | BlockDeskVentures | 2 Jun 2021


BlockDesk Ventures Official Launch

1 June 2021


Introducing BlockDesk Ventures! The most innovative, free alternative to traditional Project Launchpads! 


BlockDesk Ventures is a dedicated team of experienced strategic investors from diverse backgrounds, who have a passion for innovative Blockchain projects. Questing to further progress the vision of decentralisation and freedom in financial operations, by powering the most innovative projects in the industry.


Motivated by a vision of inclusivity and  resolute in removing the barriers every day investors face, BlockDesk endeavours to deliver previously unreachable investment opportunities to their community. 💰💰 💰


BlockDesk has created an amazing Investor group that exists to encourage learning, knowledge sharing and portfolio building in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. 


As an active member of this group, users are encouraged, regardless of experience level, to ask questions and share personal thoughts, knowledge and experience, along with any exciting crypto opportunities they discover. The intention of the investors group is multifaceted growth and success, growth in community, exposure, education, knowledge and opportunity for all members to successfully build outstanding portfolios.


For further information on the BlockDesk Ventures revolution, subscribe to the following social media profiles:


🔗 BlockDesk Ventures YouTube Channel 


🔗 BlockDesk Ventures Twitter Profile 


🔗 BlockDesk Ventures Website


🔗 BlockDesk Ventures Telegram Group 


Using a brand new business model, BlockDesk is striving for community engagement. Members of their community will bring value to BlockDesk and in exchange, will be rewarded through various means. 


By contributing to the community in a positive way, members are aligning themselves to be considered for higher level positions within the community and frontlining for presale allocations when they come up. If you're interested in getting involved, be sure to like, comment, retweet and engage with the social media content put out by BlockDesk regularly and share their amazing community with friends and others!


🔗 BlockDesk Ventures is racing out of the starting gates ready to shake up traditional investment strategies while taking the blockchain industry by storm! ⚡


Join BlockDesk Ventures for the adventure of a lifetime!

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BlockDesk Ventures

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