Markaccy, the next generation blockchain based Digital Economy

By Decentraliza | BlockchainWorld | 9 Aug 2020


General Presentation 

The latest digital economy will serve as a driver and the new model of economic growth and development . It will also reshape the conventional approach associated to the management of the global businesses. Blockchain technology is becoming a mechanism for global economic globallization and contributing to the speedy transition of the economy . With the emegence of blockchain technology , the digital economy will effectively fuctions as an effective tool that will drive the growth of the global economy. In the recent years , blockchain technology has played a huge rol in the global digital economy. Despite the fact that the industry is still very young ,it has been impacting the global economy positively and several measures are being taken by the industry experts to standardize the industry. Today, in this article i will be discussing about a promising blockchain project named Markaccy ,It is building the next generation blockchain based Digital Economy.Markaccy is willing to revolutionize transparency , restoring trust and ensuring profitability for businesses.


About Markaccy 

Markaccy will be revolutionizing the global digital econony by leveraging blockchain technology and offering a stable ,financial fairness and equality to the global users.

Markaccy will be achieving this goal by removing the service of the middlemen and connecting users from various business sectors on its blockchain platform.

Markaccy blockchain ecosystem will provide a transparent,scalable , speedy ,fraud free and 100% decentralized blockchain services which will guarantees userstsand investors safety and profitability . 

Markaccy Ecosystem consist of a Market place ,Markaccy Wallet , its Mainnet and its Self mining system . The Marketplace is an open market place where buyers and sellers meet for business transactions . Among the element of Markaccy Ecosystem includes its wallet ,which allows end users acces to store , purchase and send  cryptocurrencies.

Markaccy Mining system : The platform have a self mining platform which enable users earn up to 10% of MKCY token bonusess on annual basis by storing and holding MKCY token in their various wallet.Talking about Markaccy Mainnet , it will offer ultimate solution for decentralized storage and advertising transactions in a Public ledger .Markaccy MarketPlace Markaccy is a free market where everyone is alow to conduct business transactions . i.e buying and selling . It is a freelance form of market where any form of users, be it proffesional or newbies can implements all available proffesional features to conduct their businesses. The market offers flexible functionalities and different system of connecting buyers and sellers .Users are enable to set their own rules and terms of business. In terms of charges levies on the users for using the market place, Markaccy offers a very affordeble service charge compared to any existing platform .Markaccy market place sees the interest of users as the priority and they enable all functionality to deliver the most efficient services for the global users.MKCY is the native currency of Markaccy Ecosystem , it serves as fuel that will power every activities in the platform .The Model of the platform allows 5% charges on the transaction conducted in the platform . 



1. SMART CONTRACTS: Markaccy Smart Contracts is a mechanism that faciliate safe and transaprent transactions between two or more parties withouth the involvement of intermediary . The Smart Contract removes the excessive charges imposed by the middlemen .The Smart Contracts sees that both parties to business agreed and meet with he stipulated terms and conditions before finally executing the transactions. Markaccy platform implements smart Contracts and as a result , transparent service is rendered in the platform .

2. Digital Health System : Markaccy Chain is highly effective in health industry . Medical data of patients are securely stored on blockchain and that can be easily tracked whenever needed. It offers a very important service in health sector. The blockchain allows stored Medical data easily stored and sorted Data anayltics tools is also available which enable solving patients health problems . These services will ensure provision of efficient medical services and eliminating the service of the staggering doctors. 

3. Decentralized Finance (DeFI) : Markaccy Mainnet comprises of Financial service apps which ensures efficiencies and eliminate errors . This is a very crucial service in blockchain space. This aspect of Markaccy service will decentralize finance and enable global users to access seamless financial services irrespective of their location. This financial system is universal and will go a along way because it eradicates the limitation imposed by centralized financial system . Markaccy will decentralized financial services , users ,loan lenders and borrowers will be linked together, this concepts will eliminate the complexity ,documentation and credit assessment associated with centralized financial system . Credit worthy users will be grant access to loan while the mainent flags users will bad credit history .Markaccy Mainnet will make available DApp which will guarantees end users free access to financial services through their internet connected devices at a very moderate fees.

4. Digital Currency( MKCY) : It is a digital currency based on Ethereum blockchain , it will be used as a medium of exchange .Sales of MKCY token is ongoing , interested investors can purchase the token while the token sale is ongoing . MKCY will be used as a medium of exchange , the current price is $0.02$ . MKCY will fuel every activities of Markaccy ecosystem . There is no doubt MKCY token has a massive use case and will be globally adopted . With time , the value of MKCY will spike up 

Final thought , 

Markaccy blockchain ecosystem will provide a transparent, scalable , speedy ,fraud free and 100% decentralized blockchain services which will guarantees users and investors safety and profitability . The token Sale is ongoing. It really worth taking a good look at this class of project due to the varieties of potential it has . Be part of the amazing revolution.


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