Injective protocol,a Robust DEX that Scale trading system and offers World most secure Decentralized Exchanges

Injective protocol,a Robust DEX that Scale trading system and offers World most secure Decentralized Exchanges

By Decentraliza | BlockchainWorld | 23 Jun 2020




Security breaches is one among the major problem in the centralized cryptocurrency Exchanges set up . Users are losing high significant amount of their investment due to hacks .Anther predominant problem in crypto exchanges industry is problem of liquidity . Most of these exchanges has fallen victim of shrinking liquidity .In this article, i am going to discuss about decentralized Exchange named Injective protocol.It has launched a unique protocol which will disrupt and revolutionize Crypto currency trading system.Injective protocol is a fully decentralized trading platform that is very fast and secured. There are so many decentralized exchanges out there that still have the components of Centralized exchanges, injective protocol is 100% decentralized exchange . It allows users to take total control over their funds and allow Peer to Peer trading . Posted orders can be clearly seen and matched on side chain in real time.
In additional to the aforementioned, Injective protocol unleashed full potential of borderless finance .It supports margin, derivatives and future trading .
In terms of security , injective leverage cryptography and De-Fi to enable a very secure trading in their platform. The platform scale trading system for the users and give them better trading experience . Injective is the first world decentralized Exchange (DEX) that secured users trades against the front running through Verifiable Delay Functions (VDFs) coupled with Selective delay.Injective DEX grant users opportunities to multiple trading system such as Margin , Derivatives, Futures and more in a more secured environment with higher liquidity. The team proposes to launch Injective Mainnet in the 3rd quarter of 2020 which will be the world first fully decentralized protocol that will disrupt the global derivative market and allowing masses to access the boarderless Decentralized Finance (DeFi).



Injective Protocol is the 1st layer 2 and fully decentralized Exchange platform which unleash the full features of decentralized derivatives and borderless Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
Injective Protocol is a very fast , secured and and 100% decentralized trading platform built on Ethereum. Injective Protocol system offers end to end decentralization which allows users to scale trades and conducts decentralized futures ,margin , spot trading and swaps . All components of the platform has been designed to be to be fully trusted , publicly verifiable , censorship resistance and fron running resistant .

Injective protocol DEX comprises of the following components : injective Exchange, Injective Chain , Injective Future platform .

INJECTIVE EXCHANGE : Injective DEX open source all components of its Exchanges . Users dont have to feel insecured in the platform because injective is not holding any of their funds . Users take total control of their assets in the exchange and what makes injective more unique compare to any DEX is every aspects of the exchange from the smart contracts, orderbook liquidity , the exchange interface to the back end infrastructure are open, transparent, public and free . The model of this DEX rewards users in injective network for providing liquidity . This concepts will broaden global users access to De-fi.

INJECTIVE CHAIN : It is a layers 2 Sidechain and Cosmos Zone connected to Ethereum network . Injective implements Verifiable Delay Functions VDFs in conducting fair transactions order consensus which reflects real worked time through Proof of Elapsed Time .It offers sustainable solution to the major problem in Ethereum network .
The Injective network Chain support layer 2 derivative platforms and function as (TEC) Decentralized Trade Execution Coordinators which host the the decentralized open orderbook. Injective chain network was built on Tendermint , hence, allowing trading and transfering of Ethereum bases assets on Injective chain . The team plan to integrate Comos IBC in future to enable advanced inter chain decentralized Finance possibilities.

INJECTIVE FUTURES: This is another substantial components of Injective Protocol which functions as the Decentralized Peer to Peer Futures protocol that supports several decentralized derivatives, decentralized perpetual Swaps ad (CFDs) Decentralized Contracts for difference.The protocol enable users to create and trade on derivatives markets with a price feed.


1. INTERGRATION WITH MULTIPLE DE-FI PLATFORM : Injective is a robust Decentralized exchange which will offer many exchange services that has not been witnesses in any ever existed DEX platform . Injective will integrate Multiple Decentralized Finance platform to enable users have best trading experience and boost trading efficiency 2. CROSS CHAIN TRADING : users can trade multiple blockchain assets on Injective DEX .Injective Chain network architecture allows seamless cross chain trading of multiple crypto assets.
3. DECENTRALIZED FUTURES AND DERIVATIVES MARKET : Injective Dex will scale trading system and allow users to have access to various trading system which will enable them to maximize their trading potential . The platform will incorporate decentralized derivative and futures trading system .


Injective offers World most secure decentralized Exchanges in the global market . Users are maximally protected because they are in charge of their funds and key . It offers fully decentralized platform which protects the network from hacks , front running , trade manipulations and all other forms of trade malpractices.
Injective provide Decentralized lending and Margin trading . It also offers Decentralized Future and Derivatives market.The platform supports Ethereum, TrueUSD, DAI, MKR and Injective .


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