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One of the major barrier in cryptocurrency market is iliquidity . This problems has created lots of chaos and skepticism among the the industry players.Majority assumes crypto market is being manipulated by the Whales investors who are holding the Lion shares in the industry. They believe the Major stakes holder in the industry toss the markets like dice and manipulate it as they wish which is very unhealthy for a growing industry . The market forces of both demand and supply still lacks balance , hence leading to problem of liquidity.

What makes Cryptocurrency market standard and healthy is surplus liquidity . With Deep liquidity, the traders will enjoy trading and will be able to trade profitably . The team of Invective Protocol has stepped in to change the negative trends of iliquidity in crypto market to enable traders to minimize risk and optimizing trade.The Injective team has partnered with Binance Dex to ensure this vision become accomplished. In this article, i will be discussing about Injective Protocol, a decentralized trading platform where the global users will enjoy trading experience with surplus liquidity . Some of the services users will enjoy in the platform includes :


(i) Decentralized Lending and Margin trading

(ii) Decentralized Futures and Derivatives Markets and

(iii) Cross Chain Trading .


(i) Injective Decentralized Lending / Trading platform : Traders are allowed in this platform to conduct long and short terms crypto investment with leverage.The platform offers 100% decentralized and gives power to the traders unlike some acclaimed DEX out there who operate semi decentralized system.

(ii) Decentralized Futures and Derivatives Platform : Injective offers combination of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and derivatives trading system which allows users to optimize their trading experience.

(iii) Injective Cross Chain trading Platform : This is one of a kind trading system . Majority of the existing DEX have limited functionality and are limited to single chain . Injective Protocol has emerged to reverse this by establishing a cross chain trading platform which will enable interoperability amongst different blockchain networks. This service allows users to trade seamlessly on a single platform with multiple trading options. Injective supports Ethereum , DAI, Injective , MKR , TrueUSD and other altcoins based on different blockchains.


Injective is an outstanding DEX platform that offers from running resistant which uses (VDFs) Verifiable Delay Functions and selective day . Injective is a fully decentralized layer 2 Exchange protocol based on Ethereum network. Injective focuses to open full potentials of Cross boarder Finance .As stated earlier, Injective will offer Decentralized Margin trading , derivatives trading system and Futures trading . The project aims to offer the global crypto traders an 100% decentralized trading system Peer to Peer (P2P), offering maximum security that will protect users from any form of hacks, surplus liquidity for health trading system and lastly front running resistant.A good news about Injective platform is that it is fully decentralized, users dont have to transfer their funds to any foreign wallets before conducting trades. Users conduct wallet to wallet trades and they take full control over their funds through their Private Key. Users will be able to connect to the trading platform through their private Keys and enjoy 100% independent and security when trading on the platform . With Injective protocol, the needs for users to sign up with their personal details is removed. Users can easily login to the exchanges with their private Keys.


INJ TOKEN is the native Cryptocurrency of Injective Platform and the token serves several utility purpose . INJ token are used for the maximization of the platform functionality .The token supports the trading system by making the exchange a public utility which reflects in the protocol value. Below are the utility functions of INJ token

(a) It serves as an incentives for the platform participants and Market maker tool.

(b) On Chain governance 

(c) Functions as the Proof of Stakes security .

(d) Value accrual for the network nodes.

68bfcb7c888b9d7f175dddc4d895f083f2029ecefd0cf3d59c9620888099ed5b.pngOUTSTANDING FEATURES OF INJECTIVE PLATFORM

1. TRUSTLESS : The trustless nature of injective platform makes the trading system very healthy .The platform is fully decentralized and does not give room to any third parties to establish to meddle in the trading activieis which can lead to any form of manipulations.

2. RESOLVABLE : Orders conflicts can be easily resolved via protocol settlement logic and creating fair , transparent and healthy market.

3.PUBLICLY VERIFIABLE : Orders are submitted with time stamp which is publicly accessible to anyone , the information can be used in the verification of the correct order sequence.

4. LIQUIDITY NEUTRAL : As an agnostic Protocol , injective create rooms for varieties of liqudiity pools and enable them for open Exchange.



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